Age of Empires v1.0c and Rise of Rome v1.0a Patch - BR/IT/ES



The latest official patch for Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome.



Version Compatibility
*If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires and Rise of Rome.

*Idle Villager Key - Pressing the period ( . ) key selects and centers the view on a villager or fishing boat that is not assigned a task. Pressing ( . ) cycles though all idle villagers and boats in the game. This is a keyboard-only command; there is no on-screen control for it.

Balance Changes
*Shang Food Cost - The cost of a Shang villager was reduced to 40 food. The amount of food the Shang player starts with was reduced by 40. 
*Phoenician Woodcutting Bonus - Phoenician villagers now work 15% faster. In previous versions of Age of Empires, they worked 54% percent faster.

Bug Fixes
*Market Tribute Bug - If you have an incompletely built market, you can no longer send a tribute until it is completed. 
*Wall Overrun Bug - If you build a wall from the inside of the map to the edge, it will no longer build wall foundations all the way across the map. 
*Deleted Shallows Object Bug - If you delete shallows in the map editor, units can no longer walk over the old shallows area.
*Building Through Diagonal Walls Bug - A villager can no longer build a building on the opposite side of a diagonal enemy wall.
*Converted Dock Bug - You can no longer continue to trade at your dock after it has been converted.
*Farm Bug - When both a farmer and Farm are selected at the same time, pressing "S" no longer causes the farm to replenish the amount of food available.
*Building and Training at Incorrect Building Bug - You can no longer train units at a building not intended for that purpose. 
*Cheats Removed from Multiplayer - The GAIA, Reveal Map, and No Fog cheats have been removed from multiplayer.
*Steroids Bug - Cheating in multiplayer games by using the Steroids cheat has been prevented. 
*Anti-Trainer Technology - Technology has been added to Age of Empires to cause multiplayer games to go out of sync if any of a variety of hacks are attempted.
*Multiplayer Game Launching - Multiplayer games with larger numbers of players (6 or more) or with bad modem connections are much more likely to succeed on launching.
*Palmyran Free Tribute on Full Tech Tree Bug - When the Full Tech Tree option is selected, the Palmyran civilization players no longer receive the free tribute bonus.

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