Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Gets Much Needed First Major Patch

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Published by Plok 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Following last week's, shall we say, bumpy launch of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition (which comes to no surprise to those remembering the launches of every previous Age of Empires re-release), we now have the first major patch that addresses some of the burning issues the playerbase has reported so far. And already they have announced a new one for next week, since there is a lot to cover, and if the early patch cycle for AoE2:DE is anything to go by, the initial month or so will have an aggressive patch period so prepare your Internet connection for a lot of downloading.

So, what does this particular build (3552) bring us? The full changelog is extensive, but here's our TL;DR:

  • anti-aliasing options (TAA, FXAA, No AA) added to the options menu (for context, the fans quickly realized that the fixed TAA was causing severe performance issues, and this patch also tweaks that option)
  • numerous fixes and updates to graphical and interface assets
  • increased maximum framerate to prevent it getting locked just below the maximum supported refresh rate of the monitor
  • fixed an issue which caused the Tribal Marketplace to exhaust a mine converted from one player to another.
  • implemented several possible fixes for campaign progression issues
  • fixed an issue where the Art of War would adopt the difficulty of the last-played campaign scenario
  • balance changes, including fixes to a few bugs which inadvertently had certain units and buildings have different stats to intended ones
  • players can now invite other players that are on the same platform (Steam or the Microsoft Store) to their ranked and custom lobbies
  • fixed an issue where the casual game list would snap back to the top of the page, making it difficult to find and enter game lobbies
  • disabled spectating for LAN games
  • increased the overall aggressiveness of computer-controlled civilizations
  • computer players will no longer revolt during campaign missions
  • fixed an issue which prevented mods from showing as available for some players

Expect a proper GameFront review of the game once the situation stabilizes, as the game performance and gameplay can and is expected to change a lot in the coming weeks, again considering prior titles' patch cycles. Stay tuned to GameFront for future updates on anything Age of Empires.

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