Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III picks up where Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings® left off, as players become one of eight European powers exploring, colonizing, and conquering the New World. Age of Empires III...

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City Under Seige Biggun234 61KB 39
Ice Age Map Biggun234 57KB 160
Scout Your Enemy ArtofRuin 85KB 37
Caribbean Fortress Pirate007 321KB 117
Strategic Objectives: Death Valley MosheLevi 10.67MB 161
Age of Rebellion Beta [union only] Jerry Berg 4.03MB 69
The Great War Campaign: Preview: The Battle of Verdun Yuttho 6.55MB 565
The Prince's Castle Jamal 605KB 579
Deep Jungle Madcat158 321KB 484
Economy Scenario Madcat158 220KB 194
The Great War: Prequel Yuttho 9.6MB 253
China pirate hunter 8.23MB 2536
D-Day Extreme Shadow 106KB 404
Global Wars KevTheGreat 7.8MB 1725
The Great Colosseum KevTheGreat 98KB 449
Fort of War KevTheGreat 123KB 361
(AOEII)The Ruffians RPG Isaac_Brock 20KB 165
British West Indies Redclaw 534KB 869
CAMPAIGN - Roanoke 4: Tales of Two Shadows, Chapter 2 CaveTown 5.53MB 673
Jordan Part One RandomMuffin 1.18MB 193
Turbofrog's Paintball turbofrog 234KB 156
Cooper: The Village, The Horror Isaac_Brock 23KB 292
The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows MosheLevi 10.06MB 563
Capybara Will Taylor 1.49MB 213
Calling all shoguns Mmaster 1.88MB 183
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Patch 1.01a Suleyman_Eisenhower 15.41MB 5329
-Revolutionary War- piratesfan_007 45KB 516
AOEIII more exciting but still fair game mod Adam Karácsony 294KB 761
Normandy-1944 Isaac_Brock 67KB 431
Age of Empires III settler, Coureur des Bois, and Outpost Modification Adam Karácsony 182KB 874
D-Day V 1.1 ?? 119KB 2833
Annihilation Supremacy 2V2 MosheLevi 688KB 533
Caribbean - Team Combat MrThompson 2.69MB 164
Civil War City 1v1 Blikbleek 223KB 389
Battle of Gettysburg Blikbleek 1.83MB 662
Battle of Gettysburg Blikbleek 1.83MB 440
Civil War City Blikbleek 258KB 404
Building Rotator for TAD elvarg_Flame 6KB 552
AoE III: The Asian Dynasties v1.01 Patch (English) Ensemble Studios 15.41MB 1236
Canada/Iroquois JPSoft 297KB 267
(AoEII) Retribution Isaac_Brock 10KB 299
Grenoble bgs63 627KB 532
Xamo - Generals Xamolxis 433KB 615
Xamo - Race Xamolxis 112KB 330
New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3) reyk 423KB 2009
Fort Wars 3.2 pftq 43KB 3096
Blackcreek Mercenaries Trilogy sawyer 2.41MB 499
Age of Mythology Patch 1.10 Microsoft Games 7.88MB 1846
The Asian Dynasties: Napoleonic Era - Demo Kastor 18.33MB 979
CTF Oasis REAPER1234 236KB 193