The Ottoman's Surprise

interesting way to destroy the city.Let me make it known that the only way to actually play is to play on Moderate or Hard Difficulty. if yo...


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interesting way to destroy the city.Let me make it known that the only way to actually play is to play on Moderate or Hard Difficulty. if you try any other you will see why.This is my first Scenario and feedback will be appreciated.Also please report any bugs you might find.Review by Teutonic Twit:Playability/FunFactor: 8This scenario is a real starts out like a standard B&D scenario, you know the type, playable but boring...but it's not. No lag, no trigger bugs, but there was the "usual" victory condition bug which required you to Quit to exit.I won it the first time but I took a hell of a beating, had to continually regroup and rethink. Played it a second time, and still had fun. After playing it once you can employ tricks/cheats the author did not intend to be possible but it just makes it easier to win without taking away from playability.It has replay potential just to see if you can do better each replay.Balance: 8Good play Russian against Ottoman's. You have volume and quantity the enemy as quality and (spoiler)spamming... You need to really know your counters and employ them while trying to calculate how to counter the spamming. It gets a little easier midway -for awhile- but you better have a plan for the finish cause it can catch you off guard.Creativity: 8Whether it was intended or not (as mentioned earlier) this scenario is a sleeper. Don't think this will be a cake walk. It starts with a TC cart, explorer and a few settlers and troops which the Guidelines indicates is simply not very creative. But surprise!!! goes well pass will catch you looking...Map Design/Item Placement: 8Definitely not a random map. Very good, but I rated it a 4 because it just didn't rate a perfect 5 IMO, maybe a 4.5/4.6. Just lack that little something special to put it over the top. Maybe a little more eye-candy, can't quite put my finger on it, but it was pretty good.Story/Instructions: 6Unfortunately I had to scored it down in this category,(per the Guidelines) there is no story, no explanation as to why your force is going up against the enemy, any history as to why/want is occurring.As this is a "new" good designer, it's my opinion he will learn/grow to fill-in the holes to obtain higher scoring scenarios.BUT, on the other has very good instructions (no grammar and spelling errors) throughout the scenario and requires some out of the box thinking to complete the objectives...good job.Additional Comments: This is a fun scenario, a little easier toward the middle (or when you realize it's not a walk through, and it's good entertainment... I love these kind of scenarios.

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