Napoleonic Era v2.1.7b

Napoleonic Era is and has been one of the most popular mods for Age of Empires III and its expansions for over 8 years. It greatly expands a...


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Napoleonic Era is and has been one of the most popular mods for Age of Empires III and its expansions for over 8 years. It greatly expands and reworks the game with new units, buildings, maps, sounds, music, civilizations and a better AI.

The Napoleonic Wars were chosen as the mod's theme because these count to the most influential military events during the time period of Age of Empires III, which did not cover Europe, Africa and Western Asia as historical spheres of interest.


#New civilizations The expansion mod adds 7 new and reworks 2 old civilizations with unique units, techs, politicians, AI personalities, unit sounds and homecities: *Americans *Austrians *French (reworked) *Germans (reworked) *Italians *Polish *Prussians *Swedish *Swiss

#New maps Napoleonic Era comes with over 20 new maps, for example: *Alps *Rhine *Black Forest *Malta *Finland *Sahara *Barbary Coast *Nile Flood *Syrian Desert

#New natives The new maps received new minor civs like: *Bavarians *Barbary Pirates *Egyptians *Finns *Mongols *Maltese *Tuareg *Wurttembergers *Westphalians

#Unique units Napoleonic Era adds plenty of new unique units to the game such as: *Death Head Hussar (Prussia) *Mounted Rifleman (United States) *Line Infantry (Austria) *Grognard (French) *Swiss Guard (Swiss) *Marine (United States) *Chasseur (French) *Grenzer (Austria) *Lange Kerls (Prussia) *Drabant (Sweden) *Azap (Ottomans) *Merchant (Italy) *Pancerni (Poland) *and many more ..

#Shared units There also new units that are shared with many civs like: *Chevauxleger *Sharpshooter *Fusilier *Swashbuckler *Conscript *Hand Cannoneer *Sapper

#New gameplay elements *Better AI - Our AI works with the new content, is much harder and bases on the popular *Draugur AI developed for the original game *University - Building offering powerful unique technologies and late game units *Expanded Arsenal - Arsenal offers now more military updates for more unit types *Expanded Saloon - Activities like gambling, whoring and drinking benefit Saloons and mercenaries *Unit abilities - New and old units like Explorers, Marines or Nuncios received new unique abilities *Late game units - Expensive, powerful units that can turn the tide of battle *Ultimate techs - Each civ is now granted 2-3 powerful special techs *Wild cards - The new civs can now play card games in the Saloon and win civ-specific prices ranging from military units to resource crates ...

#Requirements Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b requires: *Age of Empires III *The WarChiefs (Expansion) *The Asian Dynasties (Expansion) + latest patch OR *Age of Empires III Complete Collection

#Installation Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b is available for Windows and Mac OS X can be installed with our beautiful automatic installers. Napoleonic Era also works with Steam. If you'd like to uninstall NE at a later point, please use the uninstaller.

**Important** You can install NE 2.1.7b over your NE only if you did not install versions earlier than NE 2.1.6. Otherwise please install NE over an umodded and patched AoE3.

**Special feature** Our unique file system allows seamless switching between Napoleonic Era and the original game and supports ESO2 for both, no uninstall required! Simply click either the NE or AoE3 desktop icons to choose your game.

#Multiplayer If you want to play against other NE players, you can join this NE Online Group on Facebook and ask for matches. Napoleonic Era works with GameRanger, Hamachi and also ESO2. Homecities created with either Napoleonic Era or The Asian Dynasties should never be used in the other game though, otherwise progress might get lost. We recommend you to give your Homecities special names to separate them (i.e. NE Berlin or TAD London).

#Contact You can get in contact with us and receive the latest mod news on our official website and our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and ModDB.

#Permissions Other mods are not allowed to use the work of the NE team without the permission of the NE project owner.

#Copyright All content that was created for this mod and can not be found in the original game is the intellectual copyrighted property of Napoleonic Era.

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Download 'ne217b_setup.exe' (75.58MB)

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2 years ago by Nawaz

#New natives The new maps received new minor civs like: *Bavarians Ā*Barbary Pirates *Egyptians *Finns *Mongols *Maltese *Tuareg *Wurttembergers *Westphalians

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