25 Cards in a Deck!

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Published by Riot 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Yet again, MockHamill (AOEH Member) who recently bought TheWarchiefs has informed the community that the card limit has increased to 25 cards a deck. He explains that five more cards can give many more specific options. Then he goes on to explain how all strats should definately be more versatile now instead of focusing on a pure rush deck or boom deck and that maybe you can start off as wanting to Fast Fortress but send a few more cards and realize booming will be more effective. Also, there will be more cards to send as the game drags on, too often do cards run out quickly once the game gets longer and more of a stalemate, possibly one of those 5 cards can turn the tide.
You can have 25 cards in each deck now. This is for online decks as well.
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