AOE3 Board Game Delayed Until April '07

By Riot 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Put your cash away and wait for another day as If you were looking forward to the Age of Empires III Board Game then look no further as you'll have to wait until April 2007 according to this [url="http://eaglegames.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=6594&page=2"]thread[/url]on the Eagle Games' website. It explains that the game is being picked up by another publisher called Tropical Games, LLC since Eagle Games is supposedly under financial distress. Here's what someone who is working on the game had to say: "Looks like I'll be self-publishing. I have a production partner who has expressed a willingness to work with me to do a limited print-run. We should be ready to start production in a couple of months and launch April 1, '07. The publisher will be Tropical Games, LLC" Why not check out the whole thread [url="http://eaglegames.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=6594&page=2"]here![/url] Are you dissapointed? Comment and rate this news post now!

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