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Published by Suleyman_Eisenhower 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Bruce Shelley, developer of Age of Empires III, has updated his blog with some news. Graham "Thunder" Somers, the community manager, is moving back to Canada.
Goodbye and Good Luck “Thunder”: We lost another great employee recently when Graham “Thunder” Somers moved back to Vancouver, Canada, and landed there a job with a local studio. He has been our community manager for several years but got tired of dealing with US Immigration rules and just really missed The Great North. Now I’ll have to email him to learn about new bands instead of just walking into his office and listening.
Read the entire Bruce Shelley blog here. Here is an excerpt from Solus's blog:
Creating a community from scratch is a hard task and it is even harder if you do not share a goal. There are plenty of very human reasons that prevent a group from acting as a community. Selfishness, irrational fears, dispositions, jealousy, - the list of human errors that make it hard to get along is pretty big. When you break it down this means that individuals have a hard time getting along for an extended period of time. I guess it is human nature, and that is fine; if we got along all the time things would never be very interesting. However if you are trying to build a community where people need to interact and contribute you have to get past all of those human tendencies. If there is a common goal or vision shared by a community it is easier to get past the normal human fallacies. The community becomes a kind of buffer if the bond is strong enough between people. For instance I might be jealous that I always get beat by certain players, and that might even make me mad, but I know that it would be foolish to act like a jerk and curse someone out online because I could be ostracized by the community. Now of course some people just don’t care about being ostracized or rules in general but there is still a large number that do. I am assuming that there is at least some common morality shared by individuals in this case. The best shared goal is often just having fun together. In fact that is the best goal in my opinion. If we were not put on Earth to have fun, well I don’t so many people would stick around. Playing games with people you know or people you don’t know is a great way to socialize and spend your time. Games are actually an easy thing to build a community around compared to something like sorting trash, or breaking rocks. When having fun is the goal you can focus people to come together and overcome some of those human errors, and start building a community.
Read the entire Solus blog here.
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