Germans In the Xpack

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Published by Riot 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
ES_SandyMan seem's to be on a role! He has yet again thoughtfully answered questions on AOE3Heaven forums. This time Sandy commented on the skillfull Germans and if they got any sort of boost in the expansion. Here are some of the things Sandy had to say.
Even the hated Germans most definitely have gotten a boost. Look, there's no doubt that the FF is no longer the premier strategy-of-strategies. But Germans can get more of an advantage out of the Saloon than any other civ by far: 1) with saloon mercs, their Mercenary Combat card now starts looking pretty good. Remember it's +15% attack & HP. 2) they are one of the few civs that can take advantage of the 2nd age high-pop saloon units. In early 2nd age start producing Renegadoes for a unit with an attack of 40, 18 range, and only costing 90 resources. Sure it has a pop cost of 6, but send Palatine Estates as your first 2nd age card to not care. Of course Renegadoes aren't available on every map, but the other saloon units are worthwhile too (if you can ignore pop count).
Why not check out the whole article HERE! There has been much speculation over whether to play the Germans. One of the reasons is a typical quote such as this from' rel4xed' reply to Sandy's post.
We'll see, I still think other civs benefit from mercs more than germans. Palatine Settlements is nice but germans get so slow shipments...Improved Mercs is age3. A couple of team card wont save them even if they are good (in teamgames).
Agree or Disagree? Why not tell us your opinion by adding a comment to this news post! Also MockHamill has given his opinion on playing the aztecs.
I think Aztecs will dominate due to their Warrior Priests. You start with one which means you can immediately make a fire pit and put your Warrior priest on it. That is the same as 2 villagers. This will increase your unit production speed with 20%. In Age II you can set the fire pit to produce more Warrior Priest. Just by having two more you get +60% faster productions. Your maximum is 10 Warrior Priests which will give you a +208% unit production. Without wasting any villager seconds you can have an extremely fast boom, or you could switch to xp and out-ship the Spanish. I would be really surprised if Aztec was not the top civ until the first patch.
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