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Published by Suleyman_Eisenhower 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
LAST POLL: Vote for the AoE3 Files Member of the Month! I had some fun with each member's party affiliation using quotes from their comments. Here are my inspirations: Isaac_Brock (Member of the Month Suggestion Party) "Before it shuts down, could we have a "Member of the Last Month of AoE3files" contest? (Voting on who is the best ACTIVE member here)" DarthBandon (Yay Pick Me Party candidate) "Yay pick me, DarthBandon" froggy14 (Independent candidate) "I'll be like the independent candidate, no one knows who I am and I won't win, but at least it gives people another option." darththomas (Independent candidate) "i'd like to be the same as #6 [froggy14]" KevTheGreat (Nominate Yourself Party) "if we can do it for ourselves, then me" Suleyman_Eisenhower (Site Manager Party) - incumbent "However, on a more positive note, you HAVE NOT SEEN THE END OF SULEYMAN_EISENHOWER! That's right, I am not leaving my job quite yet." Sadly, I must retract my unofficial statement that I will not run because it conflicts with my above quote. "so far we have Isaac_Brock, DarthBandon, froggy14, and me (just kidding! - I won't run)." Other (write-in) Please vote in the POLL, not in the comments section of this news article! Thank you and happy voting! The winner will be announced right before the closure of Aoe3 Files at the end of this month. Best of luck, Suleyman Eisenhower, Site Manager Party
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