Milo's No Villager Russia Rush

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Published by Suleyman_Eisenhower 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Mr.Milo has created a multiplayer-viable strategy that lets players rush (as Russia) while using minimal villagers. Here is a quote:
Get Ready to Attack! There are a bunch of things you have to do right as you hit the second age. First, don’t train any villagers! Next, task vils around your town center to the wood crates from your politician. As soon as you have 100 wood, train a batch of strelets. Then, send your first shipment of the second age, either 5 cossacks or 13 strelets, depending on what units you anticipate your opponent will make. If you send your shipment before you train the strelets, you won’t have enough population space to train the strelets, and you’ll have to wait until you can build more houses. As soon as you do these things, you’ll need to do a few more: change your Home City shipment point to your blockhouse, build two houses, and train more infantry. Sometimes, if you anticipate your opponent to be making cavalry at the very start of the second age, you’ll want to train musketeers instead of strelets. To do this, you’ll need to have gathered some gold, either through starting crates, treasures, or through villager labor while you aged-up to colonial.
Read the full article here. Mr.Milo has some recorded games available to prove that the strategy works well:;10868591;/fileinfo.html There is also a VOD (voice-over demo) right here on Filefront!;10868139;/fileinfo.html
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