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Aoe3files took the opportunity to interview Mr.Native about his soon to come scenario! It's just a small ''quickie'' interview so you won't bleed from your eyes while reading this. Aoe3files: How many maps will this campaign contain? Mr.Native: So far, I have one map complete, And really, it depends on how the other scenarios play out as to how I design future maps for the series. Aoe3files:What kind of gameplay will it be? Mr.Native:It is a build-and-destroy scenario with a twist: you have very little control of Ja Bez's Guerillas. Aoe3files:How many hours of gameplay do you think it will contain? Mr.Native:The first scenario contains three parts, each ranging from 15-25 minutes, so so far you can expect a good hour or so. Aoe3files:How about the balance in the map? Hard or easy? Mr.Native:Depending on how hard you try to micro (the harder you try, the harder it gets), it can be daunting, or once you've practiced a bit, somewhat easy. Aoe3files:How about the balance in the making of the map? Gameplay or Eye-candy? Or both? Mr.Native:In my perspective, Gameplay>Graphics, but I will add Eye-Candy later, once triggering is complete. Aoe3files:Can you tell us a bit about it's apperance? Mr.Native:The graphical appearance? The map is mainly a forest with some clearings, with hilly terrain, and a creek flowing through the middle. There are small encampments scattered about in part two. Aoe3files:What will be the most challenging part of the map(s)? Mr.Native:Part three. It's basically an all-or-nothing, pwn-or-be-pwn3d charge. Also, I find part 1 to be challenging. Aoe3files:Will there be any Flying tapirs in the map? (:D) Mr.Native:Err...' no. :) Aoe3files:Will there be any secret goodies to discover? Mr.Native:That's for me to know, and you to find out. :) Aoe3files:Can you tell us a bit more about the different tasks? Mr.Native:First, you start out with a few guerillas, and have to make it up the road to a scouting camp. Once there, you have to kill them off. After that, you start a colony, then march toward the river, destroy some enemy outposts near the beginning of the scenario, help a convoy, get a fort, and that concludes part 1. In part two, you have to breach the enemy gates, then do a bunch of other stuff, and there's so much more to do that I can't type because: 1- I'm starting to get tired of typing and: 2- If I told you everything, it might ruin the rest of the scenario. Aoe3files:What strategy for this map would be the best? Mr.Native:Not trying to micro, and not getting angry because of a faulty AI. You just have to be patient. Aoe3files:Care to give us any advice or tip? ;D Mr.Native:I don't think I can stress it enough. I'll put it in all caps this time. DON'T MICRO. :) Aoe3files:How long have you worked on this map so far? Mr.Native:Just over a month and a half. Aoe3files:What's the release date? Mr.Native:My best estimate for the first scenario would be Mid-January, 2007. Aoe3files:Have you created any other campaigns, Scenarios before? Mr.Native:I am the creator of both versions of Scouring the Amazon. Aoe3files:Can you tell us a little about them? Mr.Native:They didn't make it too far. That's my only comment. Aoe3files:Anything special about the map you would like to say? Mr.Native:Don't confuse scenarios for maps. As for scenarios, I think it will be the first in some categories. To list some: First to be able to control soldiers (to some extent) without them actually being yours, First to have a named crew who may just have something special about them (try clicking them), First non-ES scenario for TWC with a fort that is constructed by triggers, and probably more that I can't think of. Thanks very much Mr.Native will be fun to try it out when released! Rate or comment if you want!
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