Strategy Topics Started in the Forums! (and a few more announcements)

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Published by Suleyman_Eisenhower 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Happy New Year's! 2008 will be a fine year for the Age series. As you many of you have noticed, AoE3 Filefront Forums have been quite inactive lately. Some of you probably see other sites such as Heaven Games, Age Community, and Age Sanctuary as far more active. To tell you the truth, I frequently go to Heaven Games myself (I'm SahintheFalcon on HG) to post on the forums. I have started a number of topics in the AoE3 Filefront Forums, which include topics on each civilization's powerful strategies, which civilizations are powerful/weak in the game, favorite units, and more. Don't know how to access the forums? :confused: I had trouble with that too back when I started visited Filefront (years ago). Here is a convenient link that takes you directly to the discussions on AoE3! Don't be afraid to post. As a moderator, I will make sure that no one gets offended. Everyone deserves to make a comment and be respected. I am confident that we can compete with Age Community or Heaven Games once we revive the forums! Just browse the different games represented on Filefront. The sites with active forums often have the most files and best pictures of the day because of increased member participation. That leads to another announcement: SUBMIT MORE POTD'S! I cannot emphasize it more. 90% of the potd's from the previous months have been submitted by me, often "borrowed" from other sites such as HG. We all want good potd's, right? Please contribute if you can. Also, there is an obvious deficiency of scenarios/maps/files from AoM on this site. The latest AoM File is patch 1.10! Please submit your maps if you own AoM. I have noticed members making comments about the lack of AoM maps. Remember that Filefront relies on member contributions. My fellow admins and I do our best to "borrow" files from other reputable sites, but we really need Filefront members' custom scenarios and campaigns. I'm sure many of you can recall the Good Ol' Days back in 2005 and 2006, when maps and potd's were just pouring in for both AoM and AoE3. My New Year's Resolution for AoE3 Files is a reversal of the decline in 2007. We can do it. We shall do it! -Suleyman Eisenhower, AoE3 Files Head Site Administrator
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