The Ancient Age mod for AOE3!

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The Ancient Age is a Total Conversion Mod for Age Of Empires III TAD about the Ancient Times, which will be made by Tilanus Commodor, Ca Putt & others. Almost everyone of us started just with a minor basic knowledge. The Ancient Age is not an Age Of Mythology or Age Of Empires I Remake. Nevertheless the Age Of Empires Series is among other RTS-Games a true inspiration for us. It is our aim to include five new civilisations: The Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and Romans. Besides we are willed to develop an unique gameplay, which will be a good contrast to other mods and the original game. This includes for example a new building & unit system. Since the modification plays in a completely different age you can expect a lot of new material. More details will be revealed when the time is better, but for now we better go back to work - in silence.

Introduction Since longer time the Modding Project The Ancient Age is already in development. Its objective is to implement 5 antique cultures with the AoE3 Engine and Structure. These are: Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and Romans

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II.Team The Team consists on the one hand of beginners and on the other hand of people with experience in modding. The underlying idea of the team set is to teach beginners one or more aspects of modding with the final aim to integrate them effectively into the project.

The project itself is english. The team works in a closed member area on, the Official Napoleonic Era Homepage. Our first release will be an Alpha-Version that contains playable Romans and Hellenes. =]

III. Features 5 completely new cultures with new units, among others Tactical Units like Spies, Assassins or Officers, new Economic Units like Scholars, Slaves, female and male citizens. Longer ages show the true advantages and disadvantages of cultures and demand from players more strategic and flexible thinking.

We are willed to create a more ambitious 1st and 5th Age. The 'Campaign' feature (similar to 'Revolution') makes it possible to change the usual managment of a town to a more intensive organization of a professional army. A new, more realistic counter-system, new random maps, User Interface und Homecity Design are other features that we'll try to realize as well.

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