Weekly Poll Results - When do you think AoE3 Files will close?

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When do you think AoE3 Files will close?

AoE3 Files will NEVER close! 63.6% (210)
January 18.1% (60)
December 14.2% (47)
Other (state in comments) 3.9% (13)
Total: 330
Start: 12-04-2008 19:42
Last: 12-29-2008 04:52

 #1 - Posted by: DarthBandon (Member) on 12-05-2008 at 11:09

I think in January:( but i hope never:D

 #2 - Posted by: Isaac_Brock (Member) on 12-06-2008 at 08:32

... I thought the "Member of the Month" poll was supposed to be the last one...

 #3 - Posted by: Suleyman_Eisenhower (Staff) on 12-06-2008 at 16:54

it was, but the main filefront admin doesn't respond to his email. I can't close this site myself; someone higher up must do it. It's like trying to close your own email account; you can't do it until the site does it for you.

 #4 - Posted by: Revn15 (Member) on 12-09-2008 at 23:59

It'll be here until you really need it then it will vanish but sometimes it reappear

 #5 - Posted by: Jannev (Member) on 12-12-2008 at 07:35

:confused: What?? :confused: i dont know anything about that why Age of empires III files should close... tell me please why

 #6 - Posted by: darthkendall (Member) on 12-12-2008 at 13:19

the people at the head of filefront in all there wisdom, have decided that AoE filefront is not active enough and is taking up space.

 #7 - Posted by: Jannev (Member) on 12-12-2008 at 23:02

:( ok..... :(

 #8 - ..................... - Posted by: DeVn14 (Member) on 12-22-2008 at 16:57

I dont know what u guys r all talkin about. AOE is and wil always b n. they just hav to make a new game like a WW1-Vietnom based. Ive played Aoe3 online for 2 years and ther've been mor players joining evry time i log on

 #9 - Posted by: froggy14 (Member) on 12-22-2008 at 18:29

DeVn14, Ensemble Studios has been shut down, there will probably not be an AOEIV or V like we all hoped. There is also not many mods like other games so there isn't really that much of a demand for a filefront site for it.

 #10 - Posted by: Jannev (Member) on 12-25-2008 at 03:18

But ESO (essembel studios online), are they goign to close that too?:confused: by the way, i checked ESO 25th Desember 1:10 pm there was 1271 players online. whats the minimium ,when online game-servers will be close? (sorry my english i am finnish)

 #11 - Posted by: froggy14 (Member) on 12-25-2008 at 08:27

Jannev, No ESO online will not be shut down. http://ageofempires3.filefront.com/news/The_Future_of_ESO;40452 Read this if you want proof.

 #12 - Posted by: Jannev (Member) on 12-25-2008 at 23:10

:)Ok, good, thanks :)

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