Yahoo reviews The Warchiefs

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This is just another of many more reviews yet to come by the community out there on the release day for Age Of Empires III: The Warchiefs. This time its from Yahoo Games who have reviewed the long-awaited expansion. The review is written by Giles Bird who gives the xpack an overall score of 4/5 ****. Followed up by Graphics 4/5, Sound 5/5, Gameplay 4/5, Story 3/5, Interface 3/5 and finally the new multiplayer (ESO2) reaching 4/5. He also expains in limited detail the pros and cons of the game. [quote] Pros: The new sides are unique; Lots of changes and tweaks to the basic gameplay [/quote] [quote] Cons: Will likely hurt some of the careful balance in the original game [/quote] Heres just a sneak peak of what he has written: [quote]The setting of Age of Empires III is the conquest of the New World. But the Native Americans from whom the New World was being conquered had little more than cameos. They lived in tiny peaceful villages scattered around the maps. They would lend a few units to fight on behalf of whichever European power deigned to build a nearby trading post. But now, with the WarChiefs expansion, winning over the Native Americans isn't going to be quite so easy. In this generous and ambitious expansion pack, they're fighting back. The beauty of the WarChiefs expansion is that it's not just a lot of new content, but it's a lot of good new content that affects how the game plays. If you're a fan of Age of Empires III, you're going to be an even bigger fan once you've tried this expansion pack. [/quote] Why not check out the whole review [url="http://videogames.yahoo.com/gamereview?cid=1993856104&tab=reviews&page=0&eid=487612"]HERE![/url] Like or dislike this review? Comment and rate this post now!

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