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Maps The Ottoman Attack

The knights of Saint Johns are fighting at there fort. Help them hold the fort and WIN! Make sure to have fun. Edit it if you want.


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Maps The Pirate Cave

This is about the Spanish exploring unitl they find a threat. A pirate lord has a cave and they are trying to kill the pirate lord. But ther...


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Maps Seven Years' War (John Black)

It's the 7 years war! French and British killing each other a lot. Help the french kill the British. Win the war! Fight to the death! Have f...


Maps The British Isles

the same real world maps that it's predecessor had, I attempted to recreate this one in particular. Although this is my first map I think it...


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Maps The Mohawk

the Iroquois.


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Maps The Pirate Cave



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Maps Russian War

Russians and Dutch have been fighting over a part of the New World. Fighting is going on between them for years. Now Russian Rebels!


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Maps War of Alliances

making it, and I very welcome constructive criticism.TACTICAL INFORMATIONThe Spanish and the Portuguese are together on one side of the rive...


Maps Battle at Somme River

to say about this scenario, write it. I'm already working on second part of this scenario.


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Maps The Battle of Northwest Territory

it makes it even more of a challenge. So the British sent Robert. Robert is one of the best soldiers in the British army. He was sent with a...


Maps Swamp Canyon

Will you be able to fight with your soldiers stuck two feet into the ground? How well can your Rodeleros charge win their sick with fever.Go...


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Maps Adan

Adan is a mercenary from Spain. Adan and his mercenaries were going to make a contract for the British when they were betrayed!


Maps Defending Victoria

The Spanish were at Vancouver Island first. Then the British came and took it. The Spanish are trying to get it back. Defend Victoria and do...


Maps Clifftop fortress

A large map containing a large fortress at one end. Enjoy!


Maps Crunkatog's Multiplayer Supremacy Map Pack

little scenery and special lighting effects.All maps have high-level decks for each civ, based on the original decks made by Hunter007 and l...


Maps Shipwreck in the Jungle

survive this unforgiving world. Befriend the Natives on your side of the river, as they know the land... and can help you survive against wh...


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Maps Island Base

Take control of the Ottoman Empire and fight against two factions that oppose each other. Whose side will you join?


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Maps Hard Times - Please Finish This Scenario

it. Maybe you will just use the idea and make a brand new one, or maybe you will continue where i stopped. Thanks in advance :-)


Maps Survival for Single Player

STORY:A town in the middle of the nowhere is under attack, by beings of unknown origins, they look human, but they aren't. The survivors sen...


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Maps Ottoman March

no special triggers or anything except win/lose.


Maps The Netherlands map

Pirates.Pretty simple.*INSTALLATION*extract all files to C:Users...DocumentsMy GamesAge of Empires 3Scenarioopen age of empires 3--> single...


Maps The Circle's City

Riders and Landsknechts. The main objective is to destroy their Town Center and kill Alain Magnan. These two tasks are not easy, there will...


Maps The Circle's City v1.1

complete. It is fairly easy if you know what to do.You start with a small encampment south of their fort, with Morgan, some Black Riders and...


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Maps Fort Wars 2.4

expansion)INSTALLATION- Go to My Documents > My Games > Age of Empires 3 > RM- Copy and paste the following files into that folder:Fort Wars...