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Media AoE3 Wallpaper

~~~AoE3 Wallpaper~~~ By: AgeofKnights Using Photoshop, I layered some scenes in the intro movie together, and added some effects.


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Media The Beginners Tutorials Programme

Introduction into AoE3 modding Thank to Argalius and BilboBeutlin at HG for there work with the tutorials which tought me how to mod. '...


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Media Age of Empires III Hi-Fi Theme Song

Released by Ensemble Studios, this is the theme for Age of Empires III in Hi-Fi. The Age of Kings has passed; it's time to expand the Empire...


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Media Blade55555 Squad Wars

A video for Age of Empires 3.


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Media Age of Empires III Main Theme

I guess they updated it because the one on the official site is bigger then the one thats already there.This one is 1.9 MB. The other is 1.7...


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Media Age of Empires III Battle Theme

It is a battle theme song from the game.


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Media test -Jon



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Video AoE3 Intro

This is the official movie ripped from the original new game from ensemble studios. The movie is in .avi format and need a compatible media...


Video Age of Empires 3 Theatrical Trailer

A minute long theatrical trailer from Age of Empires 3, which is now in stores. Age of Empires III will offer gamers the next level of re...


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Video Random AoE Video

Some random stuff is going on here. The video could be better but it's alright in its current state. Do check it out.


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Video Age of Empires: The Age of Kings Trailer

This new gameplay footage features the unmistakable action and adventure that the Age of Empires series is famous for. Travel back in time t...


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Video Battlegrounds

Age of Empire 3 movie of a huge infantry and calavry battle.


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Video AoE III: The WarChiefs E3 2006 Trailer

This clip introduces the add-on's premise in a bit under a minute of cinematic and in-game footage. The expansion pack will build off of...


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Video AoE 3: The Asian Dynasties India Trailer

This trailer showcases the Indian faction in the Age of Empires 3 expansion pack The Asian Dynasties.


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Video AoEIII: The Asian Dynasties China Demo Video

A brand new video demonstrating the Chinese civilization for “Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties,” the upcoming expansion pack for the...


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