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Misc. AOE3 RecGamesInfo

This tool is a pack of scripts that can be used to upload, list, display and analyse the contents of Age of Empires III record games. The...


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Misc. Stagecoach and Covered Wagon

Features: - Adds a controllable stagecoach; built at the stables, it can garrison up to 6 units. - Adds a...


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Misc. Metz Proto Mod 2.0

This mod changes varies settings within the game, this mod is for pure fun factor. A list of the changes are listed below in the readme.


Misc. Light Sets

There are 3 lightsets in total, Early Morning, Afternoon and Night


Misc. Metz Proto Mod

This mod makes a whole bunch of changes to the demo including how much units & buildings cost, build speed, unit damage, etc.... see for you...


Misc. Artillery At Forts

This mod will allow artillery units to be trained at the Fortress.


Misc. Trainable Hoop Throwers at Barracks

This modification will allow Hoop Throwers to be trained at the barracks/blockhouse of any civilization in the game. This is only a beta ve...


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Misc. Super Falconets Trainable at Houses

This mod makes all houses and manors able to train falconets. The one difference is that the falconets all have nearly goddly powers. They...


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Misc. Mini Editor Mod

This is a mini mod for the editor; it creates a camera controller that can be used to change the camera pitch and zoom, etc, in real time.


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Misc. Home City Mod

Version 1.01 adds a total of 26 HC units, 6 portrait icons, 6 HC props, 1 HC building and one HC special unit to your game and scenarios.


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Misc. New Editor for AOEIII

A new editor for AOEIII (similar to the one created for AOM). This has several fantastic features such as the ability to alter the pitch in...


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Misc. New Splash Screen

This has been changed to a new splash by trulife.


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Misc. Cannon Power Mod

Cannon power makes cannons more power full. It also gives ships more hp and there are some other small changes.


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Misc. City Builder

A) This is the readme for City Builder. -Allows huge levels of houses to be built -Allows huge levels of outposts to be built This is...


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Misc. Age of War

Age of war lets you create all units and buildings (you must wait until age 5 to build capitol)in age 1


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Misc. Explorer Power

Gives you a more powerful explorer


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Misc. Union sovietic pack V 1.0

This modpack adds a homecity russian at level 50 and with good XP. It also places the flag of the sovietic union in the place of the flag of...


Misc. New AOE3 Editor 2

New AoE3 Editor version 2 This New AoE3 Editor contains more than 100 additional or new features for the AoE3...


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Misc. No Build Limit Mod

This mod brings a more fun gameplay to this great game, it lets u build infinite house, ships, and outposts. There is no buildlimit for hou...


Misc. New Units in Editor

Adds new units and two new buildings to AOEIII (NOTE - these are only available in the editor).


Misc. Europe Mod v.1

Europe mod includes 4 civilizations Malta, Poland, Italy and Ireland Malta...


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Misc. Original Proto+Techtree Programme Shortcut

includes a programme that places an original techtree+proto in your data folder (for uninstalling mods or if intalization failed apears when...


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Misc. Easy XP

Changes the required xp for shipments from 300 to 100 Changes the amount of xp alowed in one game to


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Misc. Poland Malta civs Mercenaries and Inuit Natives

This essentially is europe mod v2. In total more than 35 new units in the editor


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