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All Files In Age of Empires III Misc.
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Misc. Suicide Bomber Unit

A suicide bomber unit that attacks units by walking over and blowing up real explosion. This is worth checking out!


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Misc. New UI

You can see an example in the following screenshot HERE *Credit to Kastor...


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Misc. Sziggi's RPG mod

The units included in this mod are: HeadHunter spc_chilche_young *skybox_all homecity\skybox\skyboxs* Magic_spring Rock_Bri...


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Misc. AOE3 Mod Tutorial Program

What it does: Opens Tutorials (how to mod aoe3) and the necessary files in notepad. In the program the Tutorials are divided into AOE3 and...


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Misc. The AOE3 Tutorial Programme for modding

WORKS WITH TWC AND VANILLA The Options In The Main Menu are as follow...


Misc. Building Rotator for TAD

This mod will enable to rotate any building of player by just pressing Up arrow or by mouse wheel, the pack contains 2 files, one for users...


Misc. Capybara

Capybara is a free application for editing random maps. Whenever I wanted to go and play on ESO and wanted a custom random map, it would mea...


Misc. Age of Rebellion Beta [union only]

This is the first beta release of the long awaited Age of Rebellion mod, the only American Civil War mod out for Age of Empires (that I know...


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