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Mods Larger Maps

The maps are now 3 times larger for those people who like larger games/maps


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Mods Buildable Forts/Factorys By Settlers

With this mod, settlers can build frontear forts and factorys.


Mods New Unit Lyfe

This mod adds a new and powerful unit to your game, Lyfe. She is a powerful warrior from atlantis, but, after falling in battle, is ressurec...


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Mods HotKey Editor Mod

For a smooth install: When a new patch comes or you install this the first time, first click the "Reset all Hotkeys" button ingame, then i...


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Mods Unit Upgrades Modpack

Unit Upgrades Modpack: Many units did not appear different with mainline upgrades, until now. These are best viewed with high poly enabled i...


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Mods Modding Tool

Allows you to extract .bar files as well as convert .xml, .xmb, .ddt and .tga files.


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Mods Designer's Mod for Patch 1.09 (Reviewed)

The ongoing series is ready for patch 1.09. This has been out for a while but still an excellent modfication to download. At any rate, the...


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Mods AOE III Fun-Mod

This is a fun modification which allows activation of various objects.


Mods Danish Civilisation Mod

This mod adds Denmark as a civ. It's still a v0.1 what says enough. It will not take to long before a v0.2 is there. Changes: -Edited Ci...


Mods AOE3 Fun Mod

This is a fun modifaction for Age Of Empires III.


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Mods 40 Cards per HC in skirmish.

This is a simple Mod to allow 40 Cards per Civ in SP-Skirmish play (Not tested online). Works with all versions. Installation: Place all...


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Mods Dead Bodies Staying Mod

DEAD BODIES STAYING MOD Just install and you can play with dead bodies staying 15 minutes on the ground. A b...


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Mods Post-Game Revolution Flags

This mod changes the national flags of the Revolution countries that are displayed in the resume screen (after a skirmish play) from the gen...


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Mods Norway mod

This mod replaces spain with a Norway civ. You can still play as spain but then you must not delete the spain homecity file wich is in the...


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Mods Switzerland Civ Mod

This modification lets you have a Switzerland Civ. The Europe mod (polish) has been used as a base for this mod. Switzerland...


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Mods Advanced Triggers Set

==== Trigger Set Version Updates ==== *February 7 2007: - Army Add/Remove Unit accepts multiple unit selections, under request of unnamed...



AOE3MODS Combination 2 This mod pack now combines both standard game mods and the expansion pack mods in one package. All scenarios ha...


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Mods Unlimited Count and 40-in-a-deck Mod

Information: This is my Unlimited count + 40 Cards mod for Age Of Empires 3. Every Card unlimited send to your homecity. 40 Cards in a...


Mods AOE3/TWC/TAD Random Civ Generator

See the readme. The app is fairly self explanatory, but there are some advanced features. Basically, setup which civs you want to allow,...


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Mods New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3)

New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3) This New AoE3 Editor XY contains more than 80 additional or new features for the...


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Mods Age of Empires III settler, Coureur des Bois, and Outpost Modification

A modification for settlers, coureur des bois, outposts and war dogs. Settlers and coureurs have the population count of 0 and the build lim...


Mods AOEIII more exciting but still fair game mod

Age of Empires III The Age of Discovery modifications of Settlers, Coureurs, Explorer, Wardogs, TownCenters, Fieldhospitals, Blockhouses, Ar...


Mods The Ancient Age Mod (alpha release)

Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians and RomansOfficial Forum: Team consists...


Mods Improvement Mod v1.4.6

'Improvement Mod' was born.For now, this mod tries to upgrade the game with small and necessary tweaks and adds to make the gameplay more in...