Age of Empires III

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Larger Maps Plague 253KB 11,380
Buildable Forts/Factorys By Settlers Plague 140KB 8,740
New Unit Lyfe MythicRuler 24KB 1,113
HotKey Editor Mod Ekanta 53KB 623
Unit Upgrades Modpack Guest 3.03MB 2,593
Modding Tool Ykkrosh 1.12MB 2,029
Designer's Mod for Patch 1.09 (Reviewed) twoqtimes2 5.66MB 1,201
AOE III Fun-Mod Johan Wouda 150KB 961
Danish Civilisation Mod peugeot407 837KB 2,167
AOE3 Fun Mod Johan Wouda 150KB 2,726
40 Cards per HC in skirmish. KoGar 122KB 4,450
Dead Bodies Staying Mod BMC_Tonic 161KB 2,222
Post-Game Revolution Flags CptGralFrancisco 21KB 704
Norway mod fordmaniac 553KB 810
Switzerland Civ Mod viper987 673KB 1,963
Advanced Triggers Set pftq 52KB 559
AOE3MODS jlpember 8.88MB 8,000
Unlimited Count and 40-in-a-deck Mod Kikker916 106KB 3,112
AOE3/TWC/TAD Random Civ Generator cu3hara 993KB 831
New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3) reyk 423KB 2,045
Age of Empires III settler, Coureur des Bois, and Outpost Modification Adam Karácsony 182KB 882
AOEIII more exciting but still fair game mod Adam Karácsony 294KB 778
AOE3 RecGamesInfo Joguitos 1.02MB 159
Stagecoach and Covered Wagon Kook 74KB 1,047
Metz Proto Mod 2.0 MetzX2 59KB 1,400
Light Sets Slothboy 10KB 846
Metz Proto Mod MetzX2 50KB 500
Artillery At Forts shimano55 92KB 770
Trainable Hoop Throwers at Barracks shimano55 488KB 615
Super Falconets Trainable at Houses Trulife 290KB 482
Mini Editor Mod RiderOfEternity 62KB 305
Cannon Power Mod B_V war lord 116KB 484
City Builder Jack 583KB 1,000
Age of War B_V war lord 98KB 544
Explorer Power B_V war lord 105KB 353
Union sovietic pack V 1.0 jrfla2006 3KB 428
New AOE3 Editor 2 reyk 331KB 4,924
No Build Limit Mod Ironmonkaa 92KB 2,319
New Units in Editor irish_legend8 281KB 500
Europe Mod v.1 irish_legend8 839KB 2,813
Original Proto+Techtree Programme Shortcut irish_legend8 169KB 278
Easy XP irish_legend8 3KB 691
Poland Malta civs Mercenaries and Inuit Natives irish_legend8 1.38MB 424
New UI Ekanta 53KB 237
Sziggi's RPG mod sziggi 666KB 297
AOE3 Mod Tutorial Program AnonymouZ 20KB 393
The AOE3 Tutorial Programme for modding irish_legend8 1.57MB 250
Building Rotator for TAD elvarg_Flame 6KB 604
Capybara Will Taylor 1.49MB 222
Age of Rebellion Beta [union only] Jerry Berg 4.03MB 73
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