Age of Rebellion Beta [union only]

This is the first beta release of the long awaited Age of Rebellion mod, the only American Civil War mod out for Age of Empires (that I know...


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This is the first beta release of the long awaited Age of Rebellion mod, the only American Civil War mod out for Age of Empires (that I know of)! A must-have for any AoE3 or American History enthusiast.

Must have either The Asian Dynasties or an ability to change file names to play. This beta version features a portion of the Union units that will come with the final mod. Of course, much of the game is lacking (such as unit voices, new music, civs, etc.) and will be finished in later releases. This version features one map that is made entirely to test the new units and features rather than play. Please e-mail your feedback to [email protected] until the next version is released.


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Download '' (4.03MB)

Age of Rebellion 
Union Beta test v0.1
The Civil War mod of Age of Empires 3

This mod was created by Jerry B.

(if you don't, try by getting rid of the 'y' at then end of the proto files, the stringtable files,and the splash file.
Warning: You will need an expansion for the full version. Most likely the Warchiefs.)

To install:
1. Make a copy the entire Age of Empires 3 folder found in ":Program FilesMicrosoft Games"
2. extract to the folder "Age of Empires III" and overwrite any files that ask.
3. Cut or copy the folder "scenario" you just unzipped to "My DocumentsMy GamesAge of Empires 3" so that
   the file "AoR proto map.age3Yscn" ends up directly in the folder "My DocumentsMy GamesAge of Empires 3scenario"
4. Start Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties (which may take longer than usual to load)
5. Select "Single Player" Then "Custom Scenario", Then select the map called "AoR Proto Map" and enjoy.
6. Please post feedback here ""

Please know that is an extremely small perspective on what this game plans to ultimately be. This beta only includes
one map, only a small section of union units/civs, and two "native" settlements/units. The computer does not use the
modded units either, so do not expect a fair fight or to see enemy modded units (except for "natives," apparently). 
There is also no definite end, so don't go on running in a circle trying to find that last non-existant villager.
As soon as I get enough feedback, I will release another, more updated version. Expect a possible Confederate Beta
Test, too.

Big things I know need to be done:
- Voices
- Portraits for some units
- music
- Different arms positions is certain positions
- Mercenaries
- Upgrades, Home city shipments, Home cities, flags, and politicians
- Hitpoints (original plan was to make units die in 1 or 2 hits, but shots be inaccurate)
- The Officer does not have any powers

Things to look out for (Aka thinkg I want to brag about):
- Bayonet on infantry (only attached during melee)
- Skirmish line only one rank
- Infantry normal position (only after selecting melee and re-selecting volley mode)
- How Berdans attack

So, enjoy the test & leave feedback... Break Ranks, March!

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