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This is a fun modifaction for Age Of Empires III.


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This is a fun modifaction for Age Of Empires III.

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Fun mod

-Buildwagonmod		Buildwagon can build all the buildings.
-Petmod			Livestockpen can train all pets.
-Boatmod		Dock's can build privateers and more enz.
Trainwagonmod change:
		Trainwagon can now in to the towncenter and
			can build by the Flyt.
Germanmod changed now a available for:
all the teams send the (explorer card)
privateer get 9000 HP when they trained
Trainwagon has a new look it's look like a coveredwagon 
(name enz not changed)
Hcshipssettlerwagons1 card wil change more delivers
Trainwagon's can build more time than 2. 
Trainwagon's cost more want you want how much you must take a look
Build wagon has a new look it's look like a warwagon
(name enz not changed.
send the explorer card of your team I meen it's fun.
Trainwagon is not allowed in age 1,2,3 and 4.
ronin new unit is very strong only for german (maybe later for more teams)
Ronin can train by the trainwagon.
explorer has no rof by shrap shooters attack.
Train wagon's can train coverd wagon's and maybe towncenters(beta).
ArtilleryDepot can train: heavy Cannon,Rocket en Greatbombard
MediocreBombard enalbed
cannon, rocket greatbombard train ultra fast.
Cannon,Rocket greatbombard cost less.
cannon,rocket and greatbombard now for all team's.
Factory can build more ten 4 time's.
Trainwagon's can only train by galleon's.
this mod can now run in the single player mode spc 1.
Trainwagon can train outpost,factory and fortwagon in 1 second!!
fixed the bug on buildwagon. 
now towncenter can train trainwagon.
Settlerwagon can train by every team.
Ducth team auto train settlers
Instal the fun mod.
place the:
in the game map:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data
Make before a back-up please.

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