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IMPORTANT - Please download AOE3MODS (vC2 Standard and TWC) and instal...


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IMPORTANT - Please download AOE3MODS (vC2 Standard and TWC) and install before running these scenarios.

The following scenarios are included:

Siege of Plevna: In the Russo-Turkish war (1768-1774), the Russians took the opportunity to expand their empire. The Ottomans were on a losing streak and to some extent it was just bad luck. They actually fought very well in a number of circumstances. In the Siege of Plevna (or Plenin), they inflicted great losses on the Russians but in the end, it was simply a lack of supplies that brought the Siege to an end.

In this scenario, you have the opportunity to get a better result for the Ottoman Empire. Just as in history, you have time to prepare your defenses before the Russians attack but make sure you keep the resources coming in. If you survive the multiple attacks, you will eventually get the upper hand.

Battle for Montreal: The battle for Montreal is loosely based on the final conflicts between the British and French in Canada. The Marquis de Vuderuil-Cavagnal is determined to keep Montreal out of British hands. Jeffrey Amherst leads the British and you have to show that the surrender of Montreal was justified.

There are 3 trading posts and the games starts with the French controlling 2 of them. Those 2 are located within the walls of the city and to win you have to control all 3.

Siege of Lille: In 1708, the allies in the War of Spanish Succession had just started to gain the upper hand and to maintain the initiative; they decide that the capture of Lille, France’s 2nd city. The French had sent Marshal Boufflers to Lille to keep it secure but upon realizing that the city was to be attacked, he sent for reinforcements. You play as Lord Marlborough, allied with the Austrian Prince Eugene. Your job is to capture the city and to win; you must walk Lord Marlborough to the flag post at the center of the citadel.

After 10 minutes the map is revealed, so wide scouting is not really needed. In addition, you will receive an experience boost after 20 minutes but your enemies will receive reinforcements. Your enemy will receive more reinforcements as the game progresses.

Comanche uprising: The US has just invested in a new fortress to protect one of the farthest most settlements in Texas. This is a good thing as the French are stirring things up with the Comanche and will support them against the US. However, will it be enough to stop the uprising of 3 nearby Comanche settlements?

Mission Impossible: If this scenario is approached in the traditional way, it could prove challenging. It is really designed to take advantage of the new balloon units from the Artillery Foundry and Barracks. You play as the US with few food and coin resources available to you at ground level. However, there are plenty of resources in the mountains but you will need to use a balloon to get units up there. The next problem you have is that the game’s primary objective is located behind huge well defended fortress. Again, destroying the fortress is in a traditional way, is an option but use of balloons can help you achieve the primary objective more easily. In addition, the balloons can also help eliminate the Russian and Ottoman opposition.

Patriotic War of 1812: This scenario gives you the opportunity to save Moscow, unlike in 1812 when the Russians had to burn it down in retreat from Napoleon and his armies. Unlike then, you will need to use advances in technology to get the upper hand, as the natural resources available to you are limited.

Land of Mystery: You start with a number of units on a small island, waiting to board a caravel. From here, you have to select a new location to start a colony. The mystery comes from the fact that movement on this new land is limited to a few passages between plateau topped mountains. Around each corner could be a new treasure item or it could be one of your enemies about to attack. Your first objective is really to collect as many treasures as possible and perhaps one of them will enable you to start producing balloons; they will make movement about this map much easier. The ultimate objective is revealed once you have collected a treasure that will permit the creation of balloons.

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