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IMPORTANT - Please download AOE3MODS (vC2 Standard and TWC) and instal...


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IMPORTANT - Please download AOE3MODS (vC2 Standard and TWC) and install before running these scenarios.

The following scenarios are included:

Rural France (as Germans and as French): There are 2 versions of the same basic scenario. The scene is set in rural northern France at the time of the Franco-Prussian war. France is ruled by Napoleon III and Bismarck has recently established a united Germany. Germany’s use of modern technology made the war bit of a white wash, but most battles were centered on major urban areas. What if more of the fighting took place in rural areas, would Germany have got bogged down like the allies in WWII.

When playing as the Germans, you will try to attempt to show that Bismarck’s rapid victories were justified. When playing as the French, you have the opportunity to show that the outcome may have been different. In both cases, this is a simple skirmish; you win if you eliminate all opposing units.

Ghost Town: In a lawless environment, local rebels are holding up the every stagecoach that passes through town. As a result, people will just not come to town and the settlement is not developing. There is also an increasing threat from an alliance between the Sioux and the Apache. A US fortress is there to protect against the native attacks and a small supply of resources from a number of trading posts will help man it. However, a federal marshal has arrived with 6 sheriffs to help clean things up and restore life to the town.

The initial objective will be to use the sheriffs to convert treasure guardians and build a small army to attack the rebel town to the south. Once the rebel town center is destroyed you will gain a town center and so the real development can begin. While collecting treasures, you will benefit from ‘ageing up’. However, all this is a race against time as an attack from the Sioux and Apache is inevitable. To win, you must destroy all 12 Apache trading posts.

Quebec: There are many who would argue that the loss of Quebec to the British was as a result of poor judgment on the part of the Marquis de Montcalm combined with bad luck. You now have the opportunity to replay things and show that James Wolfe was justified in capturing the city. Although he was not much help historically, the Marquis de Vaudruil is there to assist the French and make your challenge that much greater.

Also, to make things a little more interesting, if you destroy Chateau Frontenac, you lose - so avoid indiscriminate bombardment of the city. To win, you have to eliminate the armies of Marquis de Montcalm and Marquis de Vaudruil.

Caribbean Hideout: The British have been raiding Spanish and Portuguese ships from a secret volcanic island in the Caribbean. Two British collaborators have been captured and have led the enemy to the secret British island. The initial task will be to just stop the enemy from capturing and destroying the hideout.

The enemies have brought the collaborators to the Island with them and this gives you an opportunity to repatriate them before they can identify any other secret locations. The enemies have worked hard to persuade them that they should switch loyalties and for now, they will not trust the British. The only way to persuade them to change their minds is to bring the island’s Governor to them. However, you need to be careful, they now fear the British and will attack but you cannot afford to harm them. If they die or the Governor dies, all is lost. Warwick is held near the Spanish Town Center and Bolivar is held near the Portuguese Town Center.

Forest Frontier: During the American War of 1812, the Iroquois allied themselves with the British. This is a skirmish that sees Smoke Johnson of the Mohawks and Red jacket of the Seneca come together to fight the US, whose president during this period was James Madison.

The terrain is a heavily wooded forest that prevents easy movement between locations. There are small paths in the forest but most rapid movement is made along the banks of a river or via one of the two trade routes. You start with one trading post, which you must not lose, otherwise the game is over. There are 3 other trading posts and you must control them all to win.

A friend in need: This is a 2 v 3 scenario. You (as Napoleon) are allied with the Iroquois while your opponents are an alliance of Spain, Portugal and the Sioux. What makes it unusual is that there is no path via land for you to get to your ally. You are well protected behind mountains, with your only vulnerability being via the ocean. This puts your ally severely at risk, with your 3 opponents all able to attack via land. In this scenario, if your ally is eliminated, you will have failed; keep him alive and go on to eliminate your opponents.

El Dorado: Buried deep in the rain forest is the legendary lost city of El Dorado. You, as the British, need to find it before the Spanish do. If the Spanish find it, they will simply slaughter the tribes that have protected it secrets and leave the place in ruins. You have the opportunity to establish a new alliance and discover the secrets of El Dorado for Queen Victoria.

Mountain Pass: Based loosely on the Franco-Prussian war, you play as the Germans against two French armies. The scene is a mountain pass with a stronghold at each end, one of which you control. On one side of the mountains is a desert like terrain and on the other an ocean. The objective is simple; there are 3 trading posts, control all of them to win.

Securing Florida: You play as Spain, having dominated South America; you now have established a presence in Florida and have built a well defended fort to secure your possession. The French, Germans and Dutch will do all they can to stop you. Can your superior defenses hold out long enough for you to build your economy and then your army, so you can eliminate destroy your enemies.

Battle for Tenochtitlan: The Spanish conquest and destruction of the Aztecs was not as simple as one may have thought, considering the difference in available technologies. Perhaps the situation could have been different if you were controlling the Aztecs. This scenario gives you the opportunity to find out. Defend the Aztec capital, then eliminate the two town main town centers of the Spanish settlements and the command post at the heart of the fortress.

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