AOE3MODS TWC Scenario Pack

Download and install AOE3MODS vC1 before running these scenarios.



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Download and install AOE3MODS vC1 before running these scenarios.

The following scenarios are included:

Hell’s Gates: This is a straight forward scenario that pits you as the US, allied with the Iroquois, against some rouge Spanish elements that are looking for slaves to experiment on. The experiments take place in 3 buildings that have been hewn out of the mountains and are known as Hells Gates. Your job is simple, destroy the 3 buildings.

Brain v Brawn: In this game, you play as Napoleon with the challenge of destroying the 3 Ottoman armies that occupy a well defended settlement. Although you start with more resources than your opponents, they will be getting a little help to get going and always remember those defenses.

Badlands: The title is based on an area of land that can support little organic life and has been severely eroded over a number of years. The most famous badlands are located in South Dakota, which is where this scenario is loosely based.

The Native American nations have revolted against the poor treatment they have received in reservations and have determined that war is the only option. They have established settlements on one side of the badlands, but it will not be long before they cross the badlands to attack your well resourced settlement. A fort has been built to help protect the settlers but will that be enough.

Industrial Might: You do not get any settlers in this game but you are given a substantial resource producing capability with a number of factories. You also have two docks from which to create fishing and whaling boats. Plus, you can create a number of builders that can help with chopping trees. As the US, you face the Iroquois and Sioux who are allied with the Seminoles. With substantial fortifications in place, the technological advantage that the industrialized US has, should guarantee success. But how long will it take you to suppress the natives.

Louisiana Purchase: This scenario will make big demands on your processing power and is only recommended for the most powerful of systems.

You play as Jefferson and you have to persuade Napoleon that selling his interests in North America would be a wise idea. He thinks he is invulnerable, so you need to make him realize that he does not have the capacity to defend these lands so far from home. Doing so will be tough though, you will have to beat off 3 French armies and 2 Iroquois allied armies. However, as much as it may be tempting to do so, do not destroy Napoleon’s imperial palace when you find it.

Arena (twc): This is a War Chiefs version of ‘The Arena’ scenario provided with the standard version of AOE3MODS. It has been significantly updated but the basic principle is the same. To gain access to your opponent’s settlements, you need to control the trading post socket outside the gate of each enemy or find other means of entering the territory. Defenses have been added to make the use of balloons more risky.

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