Cannons In The Carolinas (reviewed)

This is a a demo map that is 1/2 of the second playable map in the El Dorado campaign.

Morgan Black is already on the search for the lege...


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This is a a demo map that is 1/2 of the second playable map in the El Dorado campaign.

Morgan Black is already on the search for the legend of El Dorado and is led to the Carolina territories to free a guide that is held prisoner in an English held village. Once arriving from the Canary Islands, Morgan and his men are immediately thrown into battle, helping a struggling platoon of Spanish soldiers. They agree to help each other to succeed in both of their missions.

In order to play this demo, you will also need to download and install the Designer's Mod for patch 1.09.

Included is a music file folder titled Even that will go into local disk (usually c:)Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge Of Empires 3SoundMusic

cicdemo.age3scn goes into My DocumentsMy GamesAge Of Empires3scenario

Special thanks to my playtesters; Gaurdian_112, RiderOfEternity and Olauwers.

Hints and tips: Read all of the hints in the objectives. Gareth Murphy can fix things. Save after the intro cine unless you want to watch the movie again. I do not have a cine abort. Once you have taken the officer's uniform, You can chose two paths. Click on units. Some will give you hints or just chat to you. Keep in mind that this a demo version and more will be added with the final version release in January 2007.

Comments are welcome. Have fun and let me know what I can do to make your playing experience more enjoyable.


Review The demo map of the El Dorado Campaign, created by Twoq2Times puts you in a Carolina/Bayou type map with a small but effective army. Your goal is clear: to annihilate the British. However, many side-objectives and spontaneous secondary objectives keep this mission fun throughout the whole game. Informing dialogue helps guide you through the long mission without difficulty. You are even told when it is a good idea to save. The opening cinematic also informs you of your overall mission goals. Although the song in the beginning of the scenario doesn't quite fit with Age of Empires III, it still starts off the mission dramatically. Landscaping, items, treasures, unit positioning, and building placements are excellent. Watch out, Twoq2Times pulls off some dialogue pranks in the mission! Fun Factor: 9/10 - Varied, useful, and fun objectives keep you interested in playing the game. Item Placement: 8/10 - All buildings are well placed, but units sometimes have to walk a long distance. Balance: 8/10 - A bit on the easy side, but the length of the mission and the rewarding objectives keep you playing. Army strength is well balanced. Quality: 10/10 - Perfectly done cinematics, well blended ground textures, new unit art, and other enhancements make this a unique mission. No confusion at all over how to complete objectives. Creativity: 8/10 - The triggers aren't anything special, but the wonderfully designed scenario brings back memories from the AoE3 campaign. The plot is also interesting and surprising. Installation Instructions: 7/10 - You'll have to first install the Designer's Mod. You also need to know how to back up files. Know which files are which. For somer reason the installation instructions are online, not included in the readme (which just directs you to a web page). Overall (not an average): 9/10 - Get ready for one of the best scenarios for Age of Empires III! - Suleyman

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