Caribbean Map

This is a Caribbean Map with narrow land corridor that connects the two main Islands.


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This is a Caribbean Map with narrow land corridor that connects the two main Islands.

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Some units take less population, allowing for big armies (300+ population cap). 
I have uploaded 3 versions for this map - easy, medium, and hard.
Hard level would even be a challenge for above average players

The water has a lot of fish, and the human player (you) gets a free fishing boat with every shipment.
You get free Mamelukes (reinforcements) on regular bases (the number of units depends on the difficulty level).

You play as French against the Spanish AI (you can change that in the map editor).
There are many valuable treasures around your TC, and you get a few war dogs to help you out with that.

You get a huge deck with 39 cards to choose from.
You also get a few extra villagers at the beginning of the game for fast start.
There are also a few cows lying around the map.
Exploring the water may also be a good idea, although it may not be too safe. 
Don’t forget about the third small island with the trade route.

It would also be wise to build several outposts as a defense against enemy ships.

The AI gets an initial advantage which makes his score higher at the beginning of the game.
His advantage is mainly with defensive structures, although the AI also gets reinforcements on a regular base.
Rushing the AI early may not be possible.

Since the AI doesn't train fishing boats and other type of ships, I had to add a few triggers to create some ships for the AI every few minutes. 
This is going to be a challenging game on the “Hard” level, but it can be won by an above average player.

Cavalry units take only 1 population.
Falconet and culverin take 2 population each.
Mortar and heavy cannon take 3 population.

Mercenary shipments take the same population as in the normal game except for Mameluke that takes only 1 population.

This map will allow you to have armies that are twice as large as in a normal game.

To play this map copy the following files to C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario.

I also created 1 home city for this custom scenario and it should be copied to: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Campaign\Blood Ice Steel

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

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