Geronimo’s Revenge

Story In the summer of 1858 the Mexican army attacked Geronimo’s village when he was away and killed his mother, wife and three chi...


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Story In the summer of 1858 the Mexican army attacked Geronimo’s village when he was away and killed his mother, wife and three children.

Geronimo in his search for revenge recruited an army of native warriors from surrounding tribes and attacked the Mexican army.

He was victorious, and he also managed to kill the Mexican soldiers who slew his family.

When the battle was over Geronimo was made war chief of all the Apaches.

This is the first chapter of Geronimo’s legacy, and you can now repeat history by leading Geronimo and his warriors to ally with surrounding tribes, recruit large force of native warriors, lead them to battle against the Mexican army, and destroy their base.

If you would like to know more about Geronimo and his battle against the Mexicans, then visit the following link and read his story with his own words.

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Game Play

The scenario starts after the Geronimo’s family was killed by the Mexican army.

Main Objective – Lead Geronimo and his forces, destroy the Mexican base, and kill all the Mexican units.

Secondary Objective - Lead Geronimo and his forces to capture all 9 native villages that are in the map.

You capture them by building a trading post on top of each native village.

Completing this objective will grunt you a very large reinforcement of native warriors.

Since native chiefs in AOE 3 cannot build native posts, I had to change history a bit, and create a new objective to rescue an American explorer from a Mexicans jail.

Once the Explorer is rescued, he can assist Geronimo in building the native posts.

Geronimo must survive.

Every new construction of a native post would deliver native villagers (to gather resources) and native warriors (small reinforcements).

It also delivers medicine man that can help healing Geronimo and the explorer. 

In addition to that, every new native post increases the population cap.

This scenario is fast pace game full of action with epic battles.

It also gives you a small preview for the XPack, since you would be commanding only native warriors.


I have uploaded 3 versions for this map - easy, medium, and hard to adjust to everyone’s skill.

Hard level should be even a challenge for above average players

You are limited in the number of native villagers and medicine men that are available to you due to the fact that you cannot train them.

You only get a few at the beginning of the game, and a few more every time you construct native posts.

Medicine men are important because they can heal Geronimo and the Explorer.
They can also heal your native forces, so keep them safe, and make sure they don’t get killed.
Keep an eye on Geronimo’s hit points, as he must survive.

Since Geronimo has such high HP he can kill many enemy units, so you should use him in battle (he is strong like 100 units).
However, at the same time you have to get him out of the battle field when his HP is too low.
At that point you may want to heal him with your several medicine men.

Use your Explorer to build a Town Center.
Once you have a Town Center you ship resources, and even outposts.
However, you cannot train any additional villagers.

You would not be able to train none native forces except for minute men.

If your explorer dies, you will not be able to revive him and the game will be over for you (unless you play very good or play the “Easy” level), so keep your explorer out of the battle field and protect him with a few units.

There are plenty of resources around the map to gather from.
However, you have to make sure that your villager workers are protected as they are going to be scattered all over the map.
If you loose villagers there is no way to replace them.

The more native posts you build, the more reinforcements you would get, and your population cap will go up too.
So don’t attack the Mexican base too early, as it is well defended.


In order to enjoy the music that is attached with this scenario, you may want to increase the music level from the “Option” menu.

There are some historical inaccuracies in this scenario.
These inaccuracies were necessary in order to improve the game play.

Geronimo never used an explorer or any American allies.
This was necessary due to the fact that warrior chief in AOE 3 cannot construct a native post.

Since the Explorer can build a town center, I decided to allow for that, and allow it to ship resources and train more allied American villagers.

Geronimo attacked the Mexican army only with apache warriors.
Since there are no apaches in AOE 3, I had to use other tribes.
I am using 4 different tribes in this scenario to allow for good variety of units.

The battle against the Mexicans happened inside Mexico close to the border with Arizona (Sonora), but due to Scenario Editor bugs, I couldn’t find away to include more than two different tribes in the same map.

I therefore had to use the Unknown map with a terrain similar to Carolina (with no water).

I would like to thank twoqtimes2, sziggi, pftq, Xamolxis, kjn, and CaveTown for helping me with various tips about triggers and cinematic.


Copy all the “Geronimo*.age3scn” and “Geronimo*.bck” files in 'my documents/my games/age of empires 3/scenario'. 

I also created 1 home city for this custom scenario (HomeCity_Native…...) and it should be copied to: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Campaign\Blood Ice Steel

All the Geronomo*.mp3 music files need to be copied to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound\music

I hope you enjoy this scenario.

If you do, then please show your support by reviewing it.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

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