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GLORY A civil war map that is based off the movie "Glory". The 54th Massachusetts union troops are advancing to the confederate fort....


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GLORY A civil war map that is based off the movie "Glory". The 54th Massachusetts union troops are advancing to the confederate fort.

MISSION Destroy the rocket in the redoubt and kill off the rebels around it first. Then use the troops by the river and the new troops you gained access to after destroying the rocket. Get into the Fort and take out the Confederate's Command Post.

HINT Destroying the walls around the rivier will make it easier to get through more quickly. On the other hand this will cause troops to die becuase cannons/rebels are shooting at them. use every soldier available.

When attacking the fort, attaack the walls in the left corner. This will prevent soldires dieing from heavy cannon fire.

(You will not be able to win this map. It ends the same way as the movie. Many of the events/location of items are also the same as the movie. It is still fun if you like the civil war battles.)

Installation: Extract the files Glory.age3xscn and Glory.bak into your MyDocuments/myGames/AgeofEMpires3/scenarios

To play the map go into your custom scenario area of the game after you pull up the game.

There are only a few problems with this map. ONe is that the confederates bear the American Flag.

If you have any problems, comments, or complaints, please email me the author at or post a comment here.

*If this file is distributed it needs the authors consent.


Glory. What an epic battle. This scenario relives the last battle in the movie with cannons, musketfire, the marshes, and the defensive fortifications. The night fighting was very beautiful (nice muzzle flashes). Using cassadores was a good choice because even though it was rather boring (only one unit type for each army), the cassador's slow reload is more realistic. Too bad cassadores don't have bayonets like in the movie. The unit placement was thoughtful, but the cannons were placed too close to the walls (I could shoot at the cannon behind the wall, destroying it because the AI doesn't know how to shoot through walls). Doing that, I "won" easily. That was a major downside of this map. No winning allowed whatsover, even after you've blown up everything Confederate. Other than that, this is a good scenario for people who have about 15 minutes to play a big battle. If you like econ, this is not the place to go.

Reviewed by Suleyman_Eisenhower, Filefront File Reviewer

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