MrTruckingtonv1 mac/windows

can transport)-Has a RocketLauncher for attack-Can Train more MrTruckingtons-Can Train Settlers


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Welcome to my MrTruckington Mod for Age of Empires 3:
-made for vanilla version of game.if u want for WC or AD just ask

…run installer….point to your Program Files/Age of Empires 3 folder….during install select your current homecity civ….finish install…..thats game

…run installer remove mod….

Adds a MrTruckington to your homecity civ. He is a land transport unit for all your settlers and troops!

-Can move fast on land
-Can Transport '50' troops and settlers(anything that boats can transport)
-Has a RocketLauncher for attack
-Can Train more MrTruckingtons
-Can Train Settlers

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