New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3)



New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3) This New AoE3 Editor XY contains more than 80 additional or new features for the AoE3 and the expansions "The War Chiefs" and "The Asian Dynasties" (TWC, TAD) editor, altogether over 150 editor variations.

+ News in Version 3: => Cover the map with another terrain, all "lands" and waters are selectable and can cover a whole (blank or other) map with the same terrain/water => New unknown "Misc Objects" for placing the No-scenario objects (Cheat-units and another) in the editor => New gadgets with Animations, "Gadget Visible" commands and Portraits of all versions => Ingame icon menu with ten icon buttons and the possibility to open a unit search icon bar and many other changes for the original version

+ The most important Editor innovations (known from AoM-NE versions): => Pitch Editor for change the camera angle (Pitch) without leaving the Editor => Cover terrain with water, all waterbodies selectable => Brush Types "Rectangular" and "Hollow Square" => Camera Tracks can be saved and loaded => Load a Save Game into the Editor => Menu "Wall" for placing Walls/Gates easier => Place Objects: larger Object Picture, Object Names better legible, many new buttons => Set Camera Cut and Show the Cut, altogether 12 cuts saveable! => Open the Console => Unlock Camera for zoom out and in => Playtest scenario as Gaia => Options and History can open => Icon button for "Find Hero" and many things more.

- Detailed list of contents in the "N3EXY" subfolder of AoE3. - Comfortable to install and uninstall

Credits to Ykkrosh (for the AoE3ed), Grün and Pharao (for the "UnlockCamera" tool) and ES for creating this game.



Unzip the download. Read the install readme. Double-click on the N3EXY.

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