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You can see an example in the following screenshot HERE.

*Credit to...


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You can see an example in the following screenshot HERE.

*Credit to Kastor for making the stats visible.

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// Ekanta's  AoE3UI_X 2006-10-19



Copy both folders (art, data) into main install. 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III - The WarChiefs

It will ask if you wanna overwrite... go ahead as u really dont, they are just 
folders within folders and find their way to their intended place.



Removing the files again and the game goes back to normal. 


A lil more: 

DONT turn on the Minimized UI-option in the game options, you will get it anyway. 
The files have the same names as the files showing the Full UI, 
but the content is from the minimized UI-files. 
This way the game turns on the full stats but still shows the minimized UI version. 

Hidden buttons: 
1. Pop/popcap will rotate map to normal view. 
2. click queue count left to Toggle Easydragmilitary. 
3. click queue count right to Toggle Friend or foe. 

Other than that, hold mouse over to see what it is. 


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