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Green Valley TWC : Green Valley was inspired by the great popularity of Green Arabia in AOC. It has abundant resources and seems like relat...


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Green Valley TWC : Green Valley was inspired by the great popularity of Green Arabia in AOC. It has abundant resources and seems like relatively easy to play at first. However the native tribes differ from game to game offering some additional strategic depth to the map and making it more fun to play.


Windy Isles TWC : This is a migration style map. You start on a small islands with pretty few resources. You have to migrate to the huge main continent which offers plenty of resources a trade route and some native villages. Control of the ocean parts are sometimes crucial to provide save fishing possibilities. This is what makes the map interesting, control sea or land or maybe try to steal both from your enemy, on which to focus will always be a tough strategic decision.


Tower Nomad TWC : On its first appearance this map had a problem -- Ottomans couldn't be played because of a bug. Here is the great news - I was able to work around this bug so that this map is fully playable now. You start without a towncenter and get only a few villagers and your explorer to start with, a tower can be used to have a safe place for your workers and getting shipments. Natives dont have towers available and start without a tower or equivalent, however their explorers who are able to convert treasure guardians should make up for this. You need your explorer to build a TC so you might want to keep an eye on it. This map offers a lot of strategical options since you dont really have to build your TC first and go for some other start.

Dry Lands : The first of the new maps. All those many people who have played AOC before coming to AOE3 know the popularity of the arabia map. We wanted to have something with similar gameplay which is yet different for AOE3 also. This is how the devolopment of Dry Lands started. The map is like arabia one which has only relatively few resources which should turn out in fast gameplay and heavy fights for map control, even more important because there is a waterhole in the map middle which offers some of the sparse huntings. Each player has two native settelments of Cherokee and Cheyenne located close to his towncenter which will greatly help if you want to employ a more defensiv strategy on this map.

Pandora's Box : Dare I say, this is the best unknown style map ever made! The variety of different maps you can get is enourmous, yet maps are always reasonable fair. Do I have to say more - no I let the map speak for itself with the following screenshots. First you see a selection of maps which I made to show some of the more rare possibilities like Black Forest style or huge Oceans, secondly you see 15 Screenshots made in a row, so that is kind of what you get on average !

Note : If you see only a black ingame background while the new maps are loading this is fine since the images are not yet ready and will be added some time later.

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