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This mod essentially takes what Kastor and Lpmr did with enabling the SPC civs, and expands on it.

I created an expanded card pool for al...


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This mod essentially takes what Kastor and Lpmr did with enabling the SPC civs, and expands on it.

I created an expanded card pool for all the Blood Ice and Steel SPC civs (Excluding The Circle and Pirates) as well as attempted to balance the two civs that are incapable of reaching the Imperial age, as well as making sure that all 3 civs start with a default 15-card deck (like all the normal civs), so that even if you chose to reset your civ, you'll still have those 15 starting cards.

Since the SPC civs don't start with explorers, I gave them the Portugese explorer shipment card, and enabled it to be sent in age 1. I also included it into the default decks for all three civs.

Since Malta can't build plantations, arsenals, or factories (has to reach age IV to build them, which Malta can't), I gave them Capitalism (gold trickle) in their starting deck, and have it so that at level 25, they can also get Earth Bounty (gold and wood trickle) and distributiism (wood trickle) as well. In addition, I gave them Germantown farmers card so they can build settler wagons, the Rev deck 4 gatling gun card (I tested it and it works), and a number of other infinite unit shipment cards (including inf 8 highlanders, inf 6 rodeleros, inf fireships and inf team hessians)

Boston, while unable to reach Imperial age, is still pretty balanced, but I edited the decks to mainly flesh them out as well as give them the ability to get two factories. Since the generation of HVY artillery is not enabled for them, I gave them the German Infinite 1 hvy cannon and 4 uhlan shipment. I also fleshed out the Merc tree and made it so that they can no longer get Merc armies at level 1 (which would be OP, IMO).

The US only required fleshing out of the deck and moving some powerful cards up to where they should be in level requirements. In addition, I also added the possibility for a second factory... basically, one of the Age 4 politicians gives a factory wagon and the other gives a fort wagon, meaning that you can have either 2 forts or two factories.

In addition, since none of the SPC civs can train spies, I also gave them the 5 spy (level 0), 10 spy (level 10) and Advanced scouts (level 10) cards, seeing as Advanced scouts are basically equivalent to spies in combat, stealth and detection capabilities, and the card enables the Advanced Scouts to be trained from either your TC or Native Ebassies.

For more info and some screenshots, go to this thread:,31362,,10

I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did making it... I'm also planning on a full mod, which will disable ESO unfortunately, that includes after-game flag images, and the other three SPC civs that I wasn't able to include this time.

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