Poland Malta civs Mercenaries and Inuit Natives

This essentially is europe mod v2. In total more than 35 new units in the editor


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This essentially is europe mod v2. In total more than 35 new units in the editor

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Download 'mecennaries20inuits20poland202b20malta1.zip' (1.38MB)

malta is almost the same as the campain city malta except for these changes

Malta can build plantations livestock pens and arsenals,
it now has its own flag and flag buttons,
Maltas 2 falconet shipment can be sent infinite times since they dont have many good cards
Malta can ship 2 settler wagons infinite age 1
Extensive fortifications card added to Malta
it can train falconets
new pirate hunter unit
new mercenaries
malta has an explorer now,
all maltas buildings and units can be built when it reaches the industrial age as a bonus

units= priest, caravel, fishing boat, galleon, settler, rodelero, pikeman, crossbowman, hussar, lancer, falconet, mortar, explorer, sheep, cannon
unique units=hoop thrower
pirate hunter fast strong ship 

settlers are trained from a large moveable wagon built at the towncenter named the tabor which costs 100 wood but the settlers only cost 60 food.

units=Crossbowman, halbierdier, settler, priest, sheep, hussar, cavalry archer, Falconet, Culverin, caravel, fishing boat, cannon, frigate, monitor, explorer
unique units= Wojsko similar to Musketeer with lower hitpoints and cheaper
Pancerny Heavy mail-coated ranged Cavalry with a gun,
Rakieta similar to mortar but less attack and cheaper it can only attack buildings and ships
Tabor a large wagon trained from the Town Center at a cost of 100 wood which can garrison up to 6 units and trains settlers


units= inuit rifleman and polar bear
map= arctic 
New mercenaries
genoan crossbowmen
venitian infantry

for more info visit the thread at the heavengames modding discussions forums its named irishciv version 2 and new italian civ

summary this is europe mod v2 so far

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