Remastered Music Pack



All tracks (8) have been modified with a wider stereo field to combat the mono sound of the original tracks. Reverbations have been added to give a greater sense of depth, and various other changes have been made to give a more acoustic and fuller sound to the music. The brass should appropriately make its beautiful screeching, and the snare drums should give your subwoofer more to work with.



Age of Empires III DEMO - Remastered Music Pack
Remastered by Blumenkohl <DeepGalaxie AT aol.com>
Original Music by Steven Rippy and Kevin McMullan

I. Installation
III. Uninstalling
IV. Comments/Misc

I. Installation

To install the remastered sound pack, simply unzip the files to the AoEIIIDir\Sound\Music directory.

You may want to back up the Music folder incase you want to revert to the original music files.

III. Uninstall

If you backed up your original music folder, simply copy it over the remastered music folder.  If not well then reinstall the demo, or just live with it until the final game comes out.

IV. Comments/Misc

All these tracks are the original creation of Ensemble Studios Kevin McMullan and Steven Rippy, I have merely remastered them for a greater aural experience, no copyright infringement is intended.

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