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Single Player scenario for AOE3

This River Custom Scenario requires good coordination betwee...


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Single Player scenario for AOE3

This River Custom Scenario requires good coordination between land and water units. This is a map where most of it is water with some land (it’s actually an island). The water has a lot of fish, so water boom strategy is probably the best option, and fishing boats almost never go idle (something I have been asking from Ensemble for some time now). There is also limited land near the town center for buildings. Ships have access to almost every location on the map so they can participate in almost every battle. This unique combination of being able to combine land units and ships in almost every battle makes it a different and interesting game play experience.

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Download 'river20map2020320levels1.zip' (1.62MB)

Each player starts with a dock, field hospital, and an outpost,
You play as Spanish against the Germans (you can change that in the map editor).
There are many treasures, and there are 2 treasures close to your TC that are very valuable.
I suggest looking for them as soon as possible as they could save the game for you.
There are also a few cows and sheep lying around the map.
Exploring the water may also be a good idea, although it may not be too safe. 

It would also be wise to build several outposts as a defense against enemy ships, as they can arrive very early.

The AI gets an initial advantage which makes his score higher at the beginning of the game.
Since the AI doesn't train fishing boats and other type of ships, I had to add a few triggers to create some ships for the AI every few minutes. 
This is going to be a challenging game, but it can be won by an average player.

Please note that I added a trading route to the map but couldn't add a trading post sockets.
Instead there are a few glowing structure that look like ghosts.
Maybe someone can figure out what is going on there and let me know.

To play this map copy the following files to C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario.
river map*.age3scn
river map*.bak

I also created 2 home cities for this custom scenario and they should be copied to: 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Campaign\Blood Ice Steel

Thank you,

Moshe Levi

UPDATE: I have uploaded 3 versions for the "River Map" - easy, meduim, and hard.
Hard level would even be a challenge for above average players

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