Roanoke 3: History and the Freemasons

¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ Roanoke 3: History and the Freemasons Chapter 1 (Version 1.2)

Farther into the...


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¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ Roanoke 3: History and the Freemasons Chapter 1 (Version 1.2)

Farther into the future the great Roanoke people and other newer friends who have survived still struggle to stop Jod and Ickh. This new area of time is confusing to them, great changes of history have been made by Jod and Ickh to help their situation in the future, and to help the Ones("owns").

Their destiny will happen. The Freemasons are also trying to stop them and use Ones("owns") themselves, the Freemasons are only trying to gain power by doing so. The strange people of the ruined Roanoke including Virginia and Brogs struggle to stop Daniel Boone and Jod from stopping them.

Created by CaveTown ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ¡Þ

To install, simply use the installation program. This will overwrite The Warchiefs campaign, but you can easily restore the warchiefs campaign by using the Uninstallation program. Both included in this zip. To play, go to the Campaign menu and select the Fire and Shadow campaign.


I would like to give thanks to... ` Twoqtimes2 ` RiderofEternity ` And anyone else whom might have helped me along the way of making this campaign. This campaign has taken over a year to make, so I hope the for people to think of it as the best of quality; feel free to tell me whatever you would like to about this campaign, whether you like it or not, or whatever. Thank you :)

Please send questions and comments to the forum threads, download section or this email adress: [email protected]


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This review is for the first scenario only.

FunFactor: 8 Fun scenario, interesting story. I notice a few issues with the triggers that affected the game play ¨C see comments bellow.

Balance: 8 It was challenging at the beginning but then after awhile the AI didn¡¯t present much of a challenge.

Creativity: 10 Very creative campaign with a nice story and several scenarios to play with. Your install and uninstall programs are top notch.

Item Placement: 8 Map design was nice but I didn¡¯t see much eye candy.

Quality: 9 A campaign of the higest quality and dedication.

Installation Instructions: 10 Very nice story and clear instructions.

Additional Comments:

There were some issues with the triggers for the first scenario, Pirates kept spawning at the right side of the map even after I destroyed the Mexican base. In addition to that they were idle (over 50 of them). I suggest adding the condition ¡°Is Alive¡± for the TC, so the pirates stop spawning after the TC is destroyed.

I also didn¡¯t get the victory message even after I built the Outpost next to the Mexican base. It is not possible to build the outpost inside the base because the game prohibits from doing so even after the base is destroyed. So I built the outpost as close as I could to the base but the victory message didn¡¯t show up. I looked at the victory trigger and noticed that the radios is too small ¨C 30. I suggest you increase it to 50 or 60 and that should fix the problem.

I also noticed that you leave too much for the ¡°AILoadstandard¡±. The AI had long gaps between attacks later on which affected the challenge level.

I suggest using a second AI (¡°Age3AI¡±) and add a few smaller attacks in between the large attacks.

I also think that it would be nice to have higher home city level with more than 15 cards.

Overall it was a fun scenario and I am planning to play the rest of your campaign. I would recommend this campaign to everyone.

Congratulations on your achievement.

Reviewed by MosheLevi at Heaven Games.

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Installation instructures are in the description section.

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