Strategic Objectives: Death Valley

Strategic Objectives: Death Valley

This is a semi skirmish single player scenario for “AOE 3: TWC”.

This scenario requires the lates...


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File Description

Strategic Objectives: Death Valley

This is a semi skirmish single player scenario for “AOE 3: TWC”.

This scenario requires the latest TWC patch.

This is the final chapter in the “Strategic Objectives” series.

Special Features

“Strategic Objectives” is a scenario that qualifies as a new game type.

It allows you to capture neutral buildings that are guarded by guardians (such as Forts and Barracks), and even re-capture them from the enemy and vice versa. Captured buildings give you free military reinforcements periodically.

In this scenario players can capture Great Cannons and use them to construct Fixed Guns anywhere on the map.

Players can also Teleport their armies behind enemy lines once they ally with the Aztec tribe.

During the course of the game players can obtain bonus infantry units that can be upgraded to powerful cavalry by mounting them on captured horses.

You will be facing smart and challenging AI that will flank you in different ways including ship attacks and large landing parties (from the sea). The AI will launch multiple attacks simultaneously and attempt to re-capture your buildings from you.

Screen Shots

Map Overview Death Valley Waterfall Island

Story and Objectives

This is a fictional story.

When the new world was discovered there was one location left where the Aztec still ruled. The Aztec possessed the ability to teleport armies from their Aztec temple to other locations. The Europeans factions who came to the new world were very eager posses this special teleport ability and as a result fighting broke between the European factions.

Your objective is to fight the British who have a strong presence in this location and to ally with the Aztec in order to obtain the Teleport ability. Once you obtain it you can teleport your armies behind enemy lines.

There are also several guarded military buildings around the area that can be captured with your military. Once you control these buildings you will receive free army reinforcements periodically. However, you will have to move quickly and capture as many buildings as possible before the British capture them. You will then have to continue your assault and capture additional buildings from the British.

Your main objective is to destroy the British base and capture all the military buildings in the area.

Finally, you will have to capture Waterfall Island to prevent other European armies from landing their forces in this location.

Original Music

I have included my “Edge of the Universe” composition (from my “Mystic World” CD) as opening music for this scenario. “Mystic World” was released in 1997.

For more information see my web site (included in my signature).

Game Play

Please read the following very carefully.

All this information is in the scenario itself via objectives and messages. However, in the heat of the battle it is going to be easy to miss some of that information.

It is therefore recommended to pause the game when messages are displayed and to “Page up” and “Page down” to scroll through the messages (while the game is paused).

There are several structures around the map such as Forts, Barracks, and Stables, that are guarded by guardians (who are hostile to anyone who passes by) and any of these structures can be captured by any one of the players.

In addition to that players can re-capture them from each other.

Captured buildings offer free military units periodically (up to 250 population). It is therefore crucial to capture as many of these structures in order to achieve victory.

You capture Great Cannons and use your Railroad Worker to upgrade them to Fixed Guns.

There are also special free units that you can obtain and upgrade. You can upgrade these units by mounting them on horses you captured.

In this scenario Players can Teleport their armies behind enemy lines once they ally with the Aztec.

Players can then teleport their armies from around the Aztec temple to their Navajo Tracker. You will have an opportunity to obtain a Navajo Tracker during the game.

The Navajo Tracker has the Stealth ability which can allow you to send him deep into enemy territory undetected and then teleport you army to his location.

If the Aztec native post is destroyed then you will lose the ability to teleport your armies.

To Teleport your army from around the Aztec Temple to the Navajo Tracker, just select the Navajo Tracker and your Explorer at the same time.

If your Navajo Tracker is wounded you can then Teleport him to your TC by selecting the Navajo Tracker and your Railroad Worker.

Your Navajo Tracker, Railroad Worker, and Explorer have the ability to teleport themselves automatically to your TC when they are critically wounded, and then walk to the field hospital. So make sure they get healed at the field hospital before you send them back to the battle field.

There are two ways to build Fixed Guns: 1) Place your Railroad Worker on the top of the captured Great Cannon. 2) Select the Great Cannon and your Explorer.

When you construct a fixed gun with your railroad worker your fixed gun and railroad worker will both gain more HP. In addition to that all your fixed guns will gain 5 more range.

There are 3 great cannons that can be captured and all 3 of them can be upgraded to fixed guns.

This scenario comes with 40+ card decks for the playable civs.

It may take 1-2 hours to beat this scenario depending on the difficulty level and the player’s level.

Trade Monopoly victory is possible with this scenario but I would recommend going for full annihilation victory.

Walkthrough and Tips (Warning – Spoilers)

- Send you explorer immediately to capture the Fixed Gun located North West from your TC. - When you capture the fixed gun you will also capture a Railroad Worker. - Assign the railroad worker to a control group and keep him safe. You will need to use him later on to construct fixed guns. - Once you captured the fixed gun and railroad worker you can use them with the explorer to collect surrounding treasures. One of the available treasures near the fixed gun is a missionary that you can use to heal your units. There are some food crates around the fixed fun and your TC. - Send a villager or two to collect these food crates.

- Task all your villagers to food and tech up to Colonial. - Once you are in colonial build a barracks and ship military units immediately. - Capture the Factory north of your TC with your explorer and military units (at least 7 military units). The factory is protected by guardians so use your explorer as a meat shield and you won’t lose a single unit. - Collect the gold crates that are next to the factory.

- Send your explorer to build native post near the factory. - Capture the 6 horses that are near the native post. Once you build a native post you will receive 6 native warriors. - Mount the 6 native warriors on the 6 horses by placing them on top of the horses. Your native warriors will then be upgraded to powerful dog soldiers. - Collect the wood crates that are next to the native post.

- Next you should capture the Fort south of your TC. The Fort is protected by several guardians so train more units before you go to capture it. Once you capture the Fort you will receive two army units from the Fort every minute. - Protect the fort at all cost and don’t let the enemy capture it back from you. By this time you should expect one or more attacks by the enemy. The enemy may try to capture the Fort, Factory and Fixed Gun from you so it would be a good idea to build a few walls around your base.

Once you reach Fortress age you should be able to construct Fixed Guns. There is a great cannon south of the Fort that is protected by guardians. - Send army units to kill the guardians and capture the Great Cannon. - build a Fixed Gun anywhere you want by placing your railroad worker on top of the great cannon. It will be a good idea to build the fixed gun right behind the Fort since the Fort is going to be a primary target for the enemy. You can also construct the fixed gun by selecting the great cannon and your explorer. However, if you use your railroad worker instead, your fixed gun will gain 5 extra range. In addition to that your fixed gun and railroad worker will gain extra HP.

- Next send some army units to capture the barracks west from your TC. - Capture the great cannon west of the barracks. When you do so you will capture a few white horses. - Collect the crates that are around that area. - Rescue the prisoners that are located east from the barracks. Once you kill all the guardians and destroy the prison a Navajo Tracker and 10 Janissaries will join your force. - Assign your Navajo Tracker to a control group. Later on you will be able to teleport your army to the Navajo Tracker.

- Capture the white horses that are in the area. - Mount as many of your Janissaries on the white horses that you captured (place each Janissary next to a horse). When you do so your janissaries will be upgraded to powerful Mamelukes with 2750 HP. Later on you will be able to capture more white horses and mount your remaining janissaries on them. It is therefore a good idea to send your remaining janissaries to your TC until you capture more white horses.

- Build a native post near the destroyed prison.

By this time the enemy will be attacking repeatedly and you must hold the line. The enemy may also send ships and land forces on your shores flanking you from behind.

- Use your Railroad Worker to build a second fixed gun with the second great cannon that you captured. The enemy can capture fixed guns from you so you must place some army units next to the fixed gun to prevent that. It may be also a good idea to build an Outpost next to the fixed gun to prevent its capture. Building walls around the fixed gun may help too.

- Next you should capture the Saloon, Artillery Foundry, Church, and Stable. Each one of these buildings will give you free army units periodically. There is also a near by Factory that can be captured as well.

There is another great cannon that can be captures near the saloon. - If you are fast enough you will be able to capture it before the enemy does. You will then be able to build a third fixed gun.

Once you capture the Saloon, Artillery Foundry, Church, and Stable you will be facing heavy attacks from the enemy. In addition to that the enemy is fortified with a Fixed Gun behind the valley. Attacking this fixed gun too soon may be fatal.

- Next you should capture the Aztec temple near the Aztec tribe (to the south west). The enemy may already be allied with the Aztec. If not, then expect the Aztec temple to be controlled by outlaw mercenaries.

- Capture the Aztec temple by building a native post there (ally with the Aztec). Now you can teleport your armies from around the Aztec temple to your Navajo Tracker. - Use your Navajo Tracker’s stealth ability and send him behind enemy lines. - You can capture certain enemy’s buildings by teleporting your army from around the Aztec temple by selecting your Navajo Tracker and Explorer. You can then surprise the enemy and gain the advantage. - If your Navajo Tracker is very wounded then teleport him to your TC by selecting your Navajo Tracker and your Railroad Worker. Your Navajo Tracker also has the ability to teleport himself to your TC automatically when he is critically wounded.

- Capture more white horses around the Aztec temple area and mount your remaining Janissaries on them.

- Capture or destroy the enemy’s fixed gun that is located behind the valley. You should expect fierce resistance.

- Next you should capture the Noble Hut and Fort from the enemy. - You may also want to capture the fixed gun behind the enemy’s base (the teleporting ability may be handy for this task).

By this time you will get a message that the enemy has received a large reinforcement fleet with a large landing army. The enemy will attempt to land its army on your shores heading to your TC. - Stop the enemy’s fleet before it reaches your shores and destroy it to prevent the enemy from landing its large army force near your base. You will therefore have to build a large fleet to intercept the enemy’s fleet. Building a few outposts along the shoreline may help too.

If you capture Waterfall Island to the south east you will then be able to block the enemy’s ships. However, before you can do that you will need to destroy the ships that guard Waterfall Island . You may want to capture the Dock to the east (from the Saloon) and bring several cannons to that location. You will then be able to destroy enemy ships from land. However, the dock is heavily guarded so you will have to commit a large force for that.

A 7 minute timer will start after the warning about the incoming invasion. The large invasion fleet will arrive when the timer expires. If you can’t stop the large fleet invasion then you will have to fight a large force that will land on your shores. You can still beat the enemy if this happens but that will be harder to do.

Your final objectives are to destroy the enemy’s base as well as its entire fleet.

Something fun you may want to try during the game is training several ninjas from your saloon, and sending them in stealth mode to capture unguarded enemy buildings behind enemy lines. Remember that you need at least 7 military units to capture a building.

This is just one way to beat the scenario. So feel free to explore other ways too.

Scenario Versions

This scenario is for TWC . Please make sure to use TWC CD and NOT TAD or some triggers will not work.

There are several scenarios versions that allow you to play with different civs and on different difficulty levels.

I have made 3 versions of difficulty in order to accommodate players on all levels and to insure that “Balance” is not an issue.

The “Normal” version of the scenario is appropriate for most players (Sergeant and above).

I have created a scenario launcher for each difficulty level.

The following is the list of the “Scenario Launchers” that you can execute: xStrat Obj Valley Launch Easy.age3Xscn xStrat Obj Valley Launch Normal.age3Xscn xStrat Obj Valley Launch Hard.age3Xscn

These scenario launchers will allow you to select the civ that you want to play with and launch the appropriate scenario.

The 3 different civs you can play with in this scenario are: Spanish, Ottoman, and German.

Read More

Download '' (10.67MB)

Installation Instructions 

Please note that these scenarios don’t mod your game in any way. 

Copy all the “Xstrat Obj….age3Xscn” files to 
"My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" 

Copy all the "HomecityX…….XML" files to 
"Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/Campaign/War Chief" 

Copy the music file “Edge_of_the_Universe.mp3” to the “C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires IIISound” 

This scenario MUST be executed via one of the Scenario Launchers (see list above).
Executing one of the scenarios directly will cause AOE3 to crash (unless you open the Scenario Editor first).
This issue has been notified to Ensemble but was never resolved.

Therefore please execute only the Scenario Launchers and everything will be working fine.

Do NOT execute the “Launcher” from the Editor – That won’t work. 
Execute the “Launcher” from the Main Menu. 
Click on “Single Player”, then on “Custom Scenario”, and then look for one of the “Launch” files. 

You can execute the individual scenarios directly only if you opened the Scenario Editor first. 

Message for the Reviewers 

I have made 3 versions of difficulty in order to accommodate players on all levels and to insure that “Balance” is not an issue. 

The “Normal” version of the scenario is appropriate for most players (Sergeant and above). 
The “Hard” version was made only for very good players who seek great challenge. 
The “Easy” version is for players below the Sergeant rank. 

Thank you, 

Moshe Levi

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