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towncenter/tradingpost/barracks/arsenal/stable/outpost-Can train soldiers (civ specific now!!)-Can train settlers-Can gather all resources f...


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Welcome to my SuperBear Mod for Age of Empires 3:

-works for vanilla version of game.if you want for WC or AD just ask me

…run installer(windows or mac)…point to your Age of Empires 3 folder/app…..during install select your current homecity civ…..finish install…..thats game

…run installer remove mod….

Adds a SuperBear to your homecity civ! If you want to add a SuperBear to a different civ later just reinstall the mod and select your new civ.

-Shoots Lazerbeam
-Move speed Increased
-Hit points Increased
-Build speed Increased
-Can build towncenter/ tradingpost/ barracks/ arsenal/ stable/ outpost
-Can train soldiers (civ specific now!!)
-Can train settlers
-Can gather all resources from any source
-Gather speed Increased
-Trained soldiers (through SuperBear) spawn almost instantly
-TownCenter can now train SuperBears!! (limit 5)
-Cleaned up code from version 1
to gather wood SuperBear needs a settler with him for a reason I cant figure out.

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