The Great Fort Wars 4

The 4th part of the epic "The Great Fort Wars" series is now here and getting better every time. Defend the Dutch home lands like the last...


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The 4th part of the epic "The Great Fort Wars" series is now here and getting better every time. Defend the Dutch home lands like the last time but with a huge battle on your hands. Bombards,Colonial Militia,Gatling Guns,Li'l Bombards and the Aztec Empire. Forts everywhere. Just Chaos everywhere!!!! Plus:Lead a new Revolution into battle with Captain Fearless looking better than ever. Loads of Action in this scenario.Enjoy the 4th part of the non-stop action packed series "The Great Fort Wars". The developer will make a new scenario every second weekend so that you don't get bored!!

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The Story so far!    

On the First part of the great fort wars it was a huge fight over the
Great Plains. 32 forts in total covered the lands but only your team made
it out alive. The rest well are still rotting away. Well not everyone died
because the Portuguese did fail to take control of the plains but they
were not defeated totally. A man called "Henry The Navigator" took 
control of the great army and now is trying to take control of the legendary
fort vault. This vault is filled with Fort wagons and the controller will be unbeatable
to all.That is what this series of wars is about.

          The Great Fort Wars part:2

In this level you must kill all of the Portuguese and you will be one more step closer to taking the
legendary fort Vault. The next lot of levels will be very different after this. This is how it works!
On this level if you lose you sneed to download the File called "The Great Fort Wars 3 (lost)" and if you win download the 
file called "The Great Fort Wars 3 (won)". The one with lose on it means you don't get any forts and the enemy does and it's the opposite with the one
which is the one with won on it.It does not matter but it will be harder if you lose part 2.

         The Great Fort Wars Part: 3 

Things now get very serious because it's WAR everywhere! Well everywhere apart from where you are. After defeating the Portuguese you have
moved west and are now in the home of the Dutch. The Dutch are known well for their coin they produce. At the moment the Ottoman empire has 
moved in their armies and are attacking. Defeat the Ottomans in the area and the dutch might give you coin! Enjoy!

PS:If you Won the last scenario you have 25 fort wagons to build! If you lost the last scenario you will have to beat 8 forts!

         The Great Fort Wars Part:4

One year later and you are still in the Dutch homelands but with some Aztec friends aswell. Your colony has expanded since the last clash against the Ottoman's. But once again the Ottoman empire want's to stop you. In this scenario you will need to lead a revolution and kill Suliman to win. It is very hard because Suliman has 30,000 hitpoints. Defend the colony while the Aztecs build up and then all 3 of you can attack. This is very hard to do and may take a while! Enjoy.

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