The Last Of The Mohicans (The Prelude)

This scenario is based on the Novel 'The Last Of The Mohicans'

The main characters in this map are: 1)Hawkeye & 2)Major Darius.



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This scenario is based on the Novel 'The Last Of The Mohicans'

The main characters in this map are: 1)Hawkeye & 2)Major Darius.

In this map you will start at a small native settlement to the east of Fort Edward (Imperial Legion) and you will soon learn that Colonel Sellus Gravius(Webber) who is in charge there, wants to talk to you... At the beggining of the map your units have no weapons do not panic you will find your gear later in the game. To talk to the respective units move Major Darius or Hawkeye ON TO (zero distance) the units you need to talk, It is suggested moving Darius.

Note: 1)Do not let the character 'Sanvyn' die or else the game will not proceed and you will have to restart it. 2)And do not skip talking to any of the units suggest talking to, coz they are the source of triggers.

Installation: Copy the Prelude.age3scn and the Prelude.bak file into My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario and copy The Prelude folder into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\Sound Important Dialogs in the game: Sellus Gravius:I want u to rescue a prisoner name Sanvyn. Sellus Gravius:Talk to the guard at the tent outside the gate. Imperial Guard:The prisoners are being held captive, near the Assemanu shrine. Uncas:Quite they are close by. Uncas:This way follow me. Uncas:Savyn is the next person to be executed so hurry. Uncas:Just beside the shrine there is a path to the south into the forest. Uncas:Follow the path it will lead you directly to the cell of sanvyn, Dovres(Spy) is in front of the cell. Dovres:Here take these weapons and rescue the prisoners, we will escape from the path behind the cell. Sellus Gravius:Go talk to a chief named Merta, talk to the guard outside the gate. Imperial guard:Go talk to Arvel, follow the trade route after you reach the burial ground travel east u will find him there. After you rescue 'Sanvyn' move him to 'sellus Gravius', not Hawk or Darius.

After you rescue 'Rimintil Merta' move him to 'Merta', not Hawk or Darius.

Once you are at the gold crate move Hawk onto it, then only will it change into gold cart.

Move cart to 'Rimintil Merta' not Hawk or Darius.

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