War of Alliances

making it, and I very welcome constructive criticism.TACTICAL INFORMATIONThe Spanish and the Portuguese are together on one side of the rive...


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making it, and I very welcome constructive criticism.TACTICAL INFORMATIONThe Spanish and the Portuguese are together on one side of the river, the Spanish resides on the boundary of a rich rainforest, abundant with wood. The Portuguese are the closest to a former mine, with plenty of stone to spare. A Spanish trade caravel has come to give them early advantage. Although the Spanish have no dock, they have already established a sturdy good military base.The Chinese and the British occupy the other bank, with a long range of cliff to protect the river bank, but there is a shallow at the Chinese end the Spanish may take advantage of. Resource-wise the Chinese and Brits are at a disadvantage, so it is best to seize control of the mine on the Portuguese size early, but there may be some surprise for the Chinese as well near the shallows. The British have a good trading complex, the Chinese is the weakest at the beginning, but have access to some good home city shipments, you must rely on British defence at the beginning.There is a Seminole village open to trade on the Spanish side with some of its own defences,BACKGROUNDZhen Wuyang, the descendant of the famous Chinese explorer Zhen He, has been appointed captain of a magnificent fleet to Indonesia to trade with the occupying Portuguese. However, half way a hurricane nearly destroyed the fleet, leaving the remaining ships afloat, but directionless. The fleet survived on the goods that are supposed to be traded to the Portuguese, only to be guided by the winds, in a seemingly endless ocean ... the stock shrank day-by-day, hunger, disease and the endless voyage have driven many to starvation, despair, and in the end, death.After who-knows long time, Zhen Wuyang, and just a few starving soldiers and workers touched ashore from the starting crew of 200 strong, only to find they are on a strange land filled with never seen before animals and plants. Soon, familiar figures appeared Portuguese soldiers, but without even allowing time for the band of starving Chinese to explain, they opened fire on them.Zhen Wuyang and several workers survived, but at the cost of the last soldiers they have. The men have found a cover point between cliffs to hide from the Portugese. Yet just when they have evaded one beast, another shows up the British.Appearances can be deceiving. The British does not intend to kill them, but rather to have their cooperation. Zhen discovers James Collington, the British explorer, has been sent on an expeditionary voyage to a place worlds away from Indonesia a place named New World. Yet when they arrived, only to find the Spanish and Portuguese have already set base in the area. Against the powerful Spanish colony the British is far too weak, and am now seeking the cooperation of this unfortunate band of Chinese.So in return for Chinese technologies in explosives, the British are willing to help the Chinese build a fleet to sail back to China. Little does they know, the Portuguese will not just let them go, words from Portugal give orders that the remaining Chinese must be killed, so to lay the blame on the British troops, giving Portugal a perfect excuse to advance on England. The Spanish, eyeing the irksome British development for some time now, are itching to get rid of them. Therefore, the two factions formed a temporary alliance to get rid of the Brits and Chinese. Our heroes are at a great risk indeed...

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