Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III picks up where Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings® left off, as players become one of eight European powers exploring, colonizing, and conquering the New World. Age of Empires III...

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Black & White 2 *Stumbles In*

Guess I'll welcome myself here. lol. I will be helping here at BW2files, thanks to Jamie and Ron for letting me help out. Looking Forward to helping bw2files become one of the best Black And White Sites out there.


Black & White 2 Weekly Poll Results


Black & White 2 Weekly Poll Change

How much do you play B&W2 Every day 59.1% (309) Every few days 22.2% (116) I don't play it 13.4% (70) Once a week 5.1% (27) Total: 522 Start: 10-13-2005 13:21 Last: 10-23-2005 04:02


Black & White 2 Weekly Poll Results


Black & White 2 Skinning Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide to Skinning 1 - Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 2. Beginning Notes 3. Tools you will need -unSTUFF -Photoshop -DDS plugin 4. Understanding the files -Detail (_d) -Height Map (_s) -Reflective Detail (_b) 5. Skinning -Step by Step 6. Footnotes 7. Credits 2 - Beginning Notes A couple not...


Black & White 2 Requesting POTD's

I could really do with some of those good POTD's being sent in by you talented people out there. Please head to this page to submit your POTD's to our website. We'll be really happy to get some in because we currently have none in our queue. Thanks again for supporting our website!


Black & White 2 Join Our Forums!

I'd like to welcome all our new visitors to this website and I really hope you bookmark us and keep coming back! I'd like to tell you about our Forums. They are a place where all Black & White 2 fans can come together and talk about the game, share modding information, discuss problems that you having and advertise your clan and see if anyone wants to join....


Black & White 2 Welcome To Black & White 2 Files!

Hello folks! I'm Jamie, the site manager of BW2files. I'm sure many of you might know me from other sites around this network. Well, I invite you all to join in with the supporting of this very interesting looking RTS/GodSim from LionHead, the guys behind many other popular titles in the Gaming world. At the moment i’m mainly keeping up-to-date on news and...


Black & White 2 Black & White 2 Screenshots Page

There has been many screenshots released for Black & White 2 since it was announced. I've gone around the internet and found as many as I could to add to this page. You can be sure that once more screenshots are released they will be added to this page so that people can keep viewing them and you won't need to search around so much. Enjoy all the eye candy!