A new training program hosted by the eX clan

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Published by Dark_Anubis2 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Looks like the reopened eX clan is hosting a training program for players who want to be top experts.The fee only $25 bucks which is really low compaired to other ones. So heres the details about the program: 1. 3 hours of 1 on 1 training Each client will have 3 hours per week of 1 on 1 training with 1 or more eX member(s). This includes 1v1 games with us, and games in which we will watch you play from observer mode and give you comments afterwards. This may be done as 1 session or many sessions, but in the end it will add up to 3 hours of training per week. 2. Access to our Training Forum Our training forum is the place where all training related topics will take place. In here we will have sticky recorded games of certain strategies (Demo games) performed by our eX members. These games will only be available to clients of our training program and will not be posted anywhere else. In here you can post any questions you have training related and they will be answered by our members. You can also check in on other people’s training and maybe learn from other people’s mistakes as well. This forum’s sole purpose is to help people improve their aom skills. 3. 3 Recorded Game Feedbacks Each client may post up to 3 recorded games in our training forum for comments. You simply post your recorded game in the forum and at least 2 of our eX members will post an analysis of the game. The analysis will include strengths and weakness, errors that were made along with ways to improve and avoid similar errors in the future. In total you will receive 6 detailed analyses per week of service. Unlike other training programs, they offer feedback by many different people, not just one. Like this they believe you will get a better perspective on your faults and be able to improve much faster and in the end be a much better player. Also, they do not charge expensive hourly rates (eg: 10$/hour) like other training programs. They include their entire package described above for a low cost of 25$ per week. To sign up for the training program email at [email protected] or eX_Aetius at [email protected]
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