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Campaigns The Fall of Atlantis

Under Review :) Under Review :)


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Campaigns Survival of the Phoenix (Reviewed)

These files just keep getting better and better :) Survival of the Phoenix is amazing. Period. The cinematics are the quality of an AoM wor...


Campaigns The Fall of Atlantis (Reviewed)

This is the first file by Shimano55 on AoMfiles, and for his first time scenario designing this is very good! The plot follows the leader Am...


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Campaigns Fall of Atlantis

Its a cool campaign with great cinematics. There is not MUCH of a change in this version compared to the first. It uses a differnet trig...


Campaigns Gladiator (Reviewed)

After many months of work and compilation, AoMFiles, Black Hunter, and King Jared bring you a great pack: King Jared's Maximus unit starring...


Campaigns The Ring of The Nibelungen Act #1 - The Rhinegold

Story: The Norns discover that their spinningwheel has made a knot in the Rope of Time.... it is an ill Omen. The Dar...


Campaigns The Ring of The Nibelungen Act #1 - The Rhinegold

This is the updated version of the original here. From the developer: In the updated version the terrain...


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Campaigns Alone in the Dark (part 1)

The beginning of a great war, and the plan of an evil maniac. The first part of a great saga.


Campaigns The Guardians

Go through an epic adventure breaching the passage to a world of desolation, defending the fortress of mankind and then laying siege to the...


Campaigns Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Modders and Mappers of the Liquid Fire Studios: Legends of the Third Age Team Proudly Present.... http://lta.liquidfirestudios.n...


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Campaigns Fall of Themouas

Fall of Themouas:Hi,Lionman 363 here!My first AOMTT CAMPAIGN! So please enjoy! Installing:Simply place the files into the C:\my document...


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Campaigns Fall of Themouas - Part 2

Hey! Lionman363 here again! I have finally developed the Fall of Themouas part 2! Heres how to install: 1. Open up,C:\My Documents\m...


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