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Mod Packs Promo Monkey Modpack

This modpack replaces the current monkey's idle stance animation with those of the promo monkey from pre-release builds. Everytime a mo...


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Mod Packs AoM Defense MOD

This pack makes changes to the strength of the towers and walls available in AOM, so that it is now possible to play a defensive role. But b...


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Mod Packs AOM Defensive MOD

A lot of players, me inclusive, like the ability to sometimes play a defensive role. To do this every Ruler needs strong walls and towers, w...


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Mod Packs Trigger selection Mod

Reviewer: Dozza/Script This mod adds a new condition to your triggers. It is all explained in the readme, and there is nothing lese to co...


Mod Packs Fire and Ice Dragons

These are the Fire and Ice dragons to be used in an upcoming mod. They look great (I especially like the ice dragon!). Download now!


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Mod Packs Zyphria Unit ModPack

The Zyphria unit has many new features: -Invulnerable to many mythical / god power attacks, like Medusa's stoning attack. -More than 50...


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Mod Packs New Editor Objects

New Map Editor Ojects ///...


Mod Packs Crusaders Modpack (Reviewed)

Reviewed by: Cool...


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Mod Packs Arabian Warrior Modpack

Promising new modpack by Monkish_man, an AoM M/M member. He's from the greatest modding clan, so you know this file has to rock ;).


Mod Packs Link and Dark Link Modpack

This is a modpack of two units, Link and Dark Link. The developer DID NOT create link, but he did create the other unit. He mentions this...


Mod Packs Link and Dark Link Modpack (Reviewed)

The Link/Dark Link Modpack is probably one of the best and most useful unit mods on this site. I had some trouble installing it at first but...


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Mod Packs Norse Ice Age Modpack (Reviewed)

Thanks you for choosing my Mod pack, I hope you will enjoy using the new unit styles for the Norse myth units, including a little extra I ad...


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Mod Packs Jedi Modpack

This mod adds a Jedi Master, Jedi Padawan, Medical Droid and Sith Lord to Age of Mythology, as well as a modified Jedi Knight unit from the...


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Mod Packs Elven Archers

New unit modpack. Elvish archers, with a silvan look, that can be upgraded to High elf archers, golden armours, with a new tech called High...


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Mod Packs Fox McCloud

This is a new unit for AOM- Fox McCloud.


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Mod Packs Metriod Series

This will install Link_Legends' Metriod Prime modpack into your AoM:TT game. Looks pretty cool. :)


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Mod Packs Millitary Mod

This mod is for the military of age of mythology titans expansion and once installed will have the following effects: - All units count...