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Modding Tools New X Editor

An editor for the Titans. The most important innovations are: -- > SoundSet for unit animation -- > Campaign Script Manager for creating...


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Modding Tools Some New X Triggers

This Mod contains 24 new conditions and 64 new effects for TT (Expansion "The Titans"), which are additionally available for a TT scenario (...


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Modding Tools Titans Main Menu Mod

New functions for the game: -The Resource Bar shows how many villagers are currently gathering what resource...


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Modding Tools Text Editor - Updated data.vdf for Titans

This is a replacement file for the existing data.vdf file that normally installs with Vachu's AoM Text Editor. Note: Back-up your existi...


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Modding Tools Sound Set Addon for the TT Editor

This Addon file for the AoM TT Editor contains a modified "Animation View" gadget, which let you add sounds to a present _anim.txt file. T...