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Singleplayer Advanced Enemies

This is Ashatay here, I won;t review my own maps, but have fun. This is one of the first singleplayer saved games to be loaded onto aomf...


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Singleplayer Battle of Troy (Full)

A scenario made for AOM and the titans.


Singleplayer The Lost Legion

One moment, they stood under the skies of Gaul, facing each other in a strange duel of survival. In the hand of the Roman tribune Mar...


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Singleplayer Two Player Island

This is a map I made for me and some other guys.. We had alot of fun playing this map. This is (i might be wrong) the first time someone eve...


Singleplayer The Mount Olympus Journey

This is a finished version of the single player scenario. There is alot to see in here, you start off as the greeks thinking of attacking m...


Singleplayer The Lands Of The Mysterious

This legend is taken from a story of an old scenario ... This scenario is made by parsifal, contains over 1300 trigger, over 170 movies, m...


Singleplayer Finland (BETA)

This is Age of Mythology singleplayer map about Finland, added with gazelles :) Enjoy... Map by: Joel, Jopelius


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Singleplayer Finland - Suomi

This is AoM singleplayer map about Finland (Suomi in Finnish), the place where I live. There are no gazelles but... :)